Why Gambling Operators That Embrace Bitcoin Are Flourishing

Bitcoin is changing how online casinos operate.

Bitcoin gambling sites are starting to see better results in comparison to operators that do not. There are a number of reasons for that and in this post, we’re going to explore them all. From a bird’s eye view, what’s important with this growing trend is that it isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. If anything, it’s going to move faster and faster. Not only is Bitcoin an absolute juggernaut when it comes to it being a store of value and improving the value of your long-term investments, it’s also disrupting the way payment providers do business and forcing them to do bigger and better things in order to compete.

At the end of the day whenever businesses have to compete against each other to earn your gambling dollars, it’s good for you. As the legalization of gambling continues to expand across the United States and the rest of the world, Bitcoin continues to go up in value and more and more companies invest in cryptocurrency in one way or another, those that become early adopters will get ahead of those that do not.

The Maturation of Bitcoin Will Stabilize Gambling Businesses

Make no mistake about it, Bitcoin’s volatility makes it the perfect gamble for both gamblers and investors. In the long term however, we should all want the price to be more stable than it is. Governments all around the world are continuing to print off more and more money in trying to provide economies with stimulus packages that will keep the planet out of a recession. This means that the value of government-backed currencies is set to drop at an alarming rate.

This whole trend will stabilize Bitcoin. As much as gamblers and investors love going on a wild ride to try to make lots of money and gambling operators prey on that, slow and steady wins the race when it comes to building a business. That’s what gambling operators are doing at the end of the day. They’re building a business. That’s why publicly traded companies everywhere are scrambling to get money into the cryptocurrency market. They see it as a way to continue building their businesses while cryptocurrencies mature as an asset class. When a gambling operator is committed to building a better business, it means they are giving you better customer service, better odds and better promotions.

All Currencies Are Going Digital Anyway

Lebanon is getting ready to launch its own central bank digital currency. It’s not the first country to work on that either. Russia is doing it and China recently gave away $1 million in digital currency as a test.

Here’s the thing about the central bank digital currencies: they are all controlled by governments. These governments have the ability to censor and/or dictate what does and does not happen with their currencies. They can monitor everything you do, implement Know Your Client requirements and tax you just like they always have been.

The good news about these currencies is that they will further blur the line between decentralized cryptocurrencies and centralized digital currencies that are all about government control. Once digital currencies become an everyday reality, a whole generation of gamblers will find it easier to switch from those backed by central banks to those that are not.

Once this happens not only will the value of cryptocurrencies increase exponentially, the idea of gambling with a cryptocurrency that isn’t tied to a bank will become the norm. This means that any casino operator that isn’t following the cryptocurrency trend at the moment will have no choice but to do so later. The thing is the gambling operators who do get in early will benefit the most from the adoption wave because they caught it at the beginning.

In summary Bitcoin gambling operators are gaining ground on traditional gambling brands for the same reason that the broader crypto financial market is catching up with the traditional financial market. There’s a global changing of the guard happening and everything is trending digital and electronic. We’ve experienced that with other forms of technology like cell phones and cars. Money is the next frontier. Gambling operators who don’t get in on Bitcoin now will pay the price later.

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Jack Choros

Jack first invested in Bitcoin in 2016 and continues to gamble with it to this day. He loves the Toronto Raptors as much as he loves cryptocurrency. Jack’s work has appeared on ESPN Radio, Yahoo Sports, OddShark.com and many cryptocurrency related publications, namely BTCGG.com.

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