Will President Kanye West Send Bitcoin Skyrocketing?

Noted Bitcoin enthusiast Kanye West is running for President of the United States of America

Kanye West is running for U.S. President and he no longer supports Donald Trump. West also happens to be interested in Bitcoin. In an interview with TMZ in 2018, he stated that as soon as he saw Harriet Tubman’s face on the $20 bill, he became interested in learning about alternative currencies like Bitcoin.

West is one of the most decorated hip-hop artists to ever grace the face of the earth. He sits alongside one of his partners in crime Jay-Z as two of the highest grossing and most decorated artists in the history of the Grammy awards.

West isn’t the only one announcing his presidential campaign this year. Co-founder of the EOS blockchain and child star of Disney’s Mighty Ducks movies Brock Pierce is also running for president. The question is will either of these two gentlemen send Bitcoin skyrocketing in the near or distant future?

Let’s explore the possibility that a quirky character like Donald Trump is about to be replaced either by one of the most outspoken artists of our generation or arguably the most controversial founder in the short history of cryptocurrency.

Will Kanye or Brock Become President?

Even the biggest fans of Kanye West and the EOS blockchain will readily admit neither one of these guys has anything but a glimmer of hope of becoming the President of the United States following this upcoming election. Still, both candidates are likely to bestow at least some attention upon Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies simply because both West and Pierce support the cause.

Looking back on Donald Trump’s reign as leader of the United States of America, many have a hard time believing that he actually won the election in 2016 and managed to keep his job for four full years. Electing Trump over Hillary Clinton at the time was seen by a stretch by many who were completely shocked that the real estate mogul routinely going viral on websites like Twitter managed to parlay his “Make America Great Again” messaging to victory.

That said, the odds of Americans going completely off the board and electing a president with nearly zero political experience for another four years are slim to none. Whether or not West or Pierce get elected or not is beside the point for most crypto enthusiasts however. The point is as long as their presidential campaigns are in the public spotlight, it may indeed make a positive impact on Bitcoin prices. Then again maybe not.

Will Either West or Pierce Mention Digital Currency as Part of Their Campaign?

The chances of Kanye mentioning Bitcoin during his campaign or any form of digital currency are likely slim to none. On the other hand, Pierce will certainly mention it during his campaign. After all, the former child actor made a fortune working in technology and investing in cryptocurrency when his short live acting career came to a conclusion.

The trouble with peers is that he has a checkered that includes allegations of sexual harassment. Not only is he unlikely to garner many votes for president, Pierce is also on the outside looking in when it comes to the cryptocurrency community. He’s likely still invested in the development of many projects, but as a front man or spokesperson, he’s basically been wiped away from the industry.

Add the fact that neither West nor Pierce is likely to gain any significant traction during their respective campaigns and the fact the Bitcoin still isn’t big enough to gain much publicity as both candidates explain their platforms to the public and the fact that West and Pierce are running for president is unlikely to impact the price of cryptocurrency in the short or the long run.

The fact that they are both bullish on Bitcoin and other digital assets is great for crypto geeks hungry to see Bitcoin get more publicity, from mainstream media but even that will likely be a blip on the radar when it comes to crypto adoption.

The question is which candidate would you bet on if you had to? An outspoken music mogul or a shunned crypto billionaire? Feel free to place your wager. Just don’t expect either one of them to actually win.

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