Winning Big Bitcoin Payouts Is No Crap Talk

Big Winnings

People outside the circle of online gamblers have a preconceived notion that gambling is merely another way of throwing money down the drain. They reason that it is heavily reliant on luck, and therefore, it is inevitable to control how fast and frequent a losing streak will likely occur.

While they fail to see the excitement, the entertainment, and the rewarding factors that this leisure activity brings upon the players, they sorely miss the fact that it is not always the house that gets all the money. Sometimes—most of the time even—players themselves grab hold of the largest winnings in an online gambling website. The best part here is they get paid in Bitcoin.

Recently, a number of Bitcoin poker players have recorded large payouts from playing in GTD tournaments hosted by Betcoin Poker, one of the fastest growing Bitcoin-powered poker platforms on the web.

The most notable so far is the impressive record of Chazley, a high-ranking bettor on the website, who registered a whopping 7.2 BTC win in the Big 10 – 25 BTC ($15,000) GTD Tourney. For those unfamiliar with how this translates to US dollars, it can be exchanged for about $4,000.

This, however, does not end with just a win as other poker aficionados who wagered their bitcoins on the GTD tourneys have turned luck in their favor.

Some of the recent big winners were Betcoin Poker player Phoenix, who won 4.7 BTC ($2,640) in 35 BTC ($20,000) Highroller, and Ghadafi, who collected 2.5 BTC ($1,328.04) after placing 2nd in the Big 10 – 18 BTC ($10,000) GTD tournament.

Poker, as most players are aware of, is a game of skill; thus, bettors have a better chance at winning in this game. However, this does not mean that only the skill-based Bitcoin casino games can make every player’s dream of becoming an instant winner come true.

Last year, a player registered under the name Nakowa brought the house down after winning a total of 11,000 BTC from playing the Bitcoin dice game on Just-Dice, which has already stopped accepting deposits due to the Bitcoin regulation in Canada.

Regarded as the largest Bitcoin winning in history, Nakowa ripped the Bitcoin gambling platform off of roughly $1.3 million after wagering for several days on the website.

Unlike poker, betting skills prove to be useless in online dice games. The latter is purely luck-driven and there is absolutely no way to yield the desired figures in every dice roll. In short, it is up to the good old fate to decide, and that really shows that anyone can practically score the Bitcoin jackpots in just about any Bitcoin casino.

Regardless of the games played, though, winning big bitcoins is not impossible. It is almost exactly the same with betting fiat money on an online casino or in a brick-and-mortar gambling house. Bitcoin gambling, of course, stands out more since lucky players will only take a few hours or even minutes to get their hands on all the massive payouts won. It is no wonder, then, that playing with bitcoins is far better.

With the increasing number of Bitcoin casinos joining the market like the Blue Velvet Casino and other sites in beta testing phase, there is no reason many more players will experience the wonders of betting cryptocurrencies.



One of the most respected influencers in the Bitcoin and online gambling arena, Chris Evans is the Business Development Manager of Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

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