ZokDice Review

ZokDice Review

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ZokDice Overview

Bitcoin dice games are everywhere on the Internet; however, not all of these are guaranteed to give the best dice betting experience. This is the reason it is important to ensure that the betting site is able to offer the best set of gambling features and services. Therefore, it is highly advised to guarantee that the chosen Bitcoin dice meets the standards of excellence and reliability. Among the Bitcoin dice betting sites that satisfy this requirement is ZokDice.


ZokiDice Games

What is absolutely laudable about ZokDice is its betting interface. Banking on simplicity, this betting site manages to present a straightforward design that provides players with convenience in navigating through the page. In fact, all the elements visible on this site are well-arranged and smartly positioned to maintain a cohesive and organized look. As a result, bettors of all levels should breeze through playing this dice game.

Moreover, the mechanics of the game are easy to grasp. Players can instantly roll the dice as soon as they finish indicating the predicted outcome of the roll and their preferred multiplier or win chance. In the event they had speculated that the roll will yield a number higher than the target and that it turns out to be correct, then the player wins the payout as defined by the multiplier. What is even better is the fact that this Bitcoin dice game has a house edge of as low as 0.9%.


Aside from this, dice enthusiasts will surely appreciate the provably fair nature of this game. In this way, players can be confident that all rolled outcome, whether done manually or automatically using a robot, are accurate and reliable. This also enables bettors to verify the results independently.

Withdrawals & Deposits

Meanwhile, ZokDice ensures that the deposit and withdrawal processes are systematic. However, players must first know that all deposits must be confirmed once before it gets reflected on the balance. Thus, the entire process will take a total of two to four minutes. The speed of the cash out process, on the other hand, depends on the deposits because withdrawals will not be credited instantly if there are still unconfirmed deposits. Also, a minimum withdrawal amount of 0.002 BTC is required.

Bonuses & Promotions

In addition to all these features and services, this Bitcoin gambling site offers free bitcoins as its form of bonus. Therefore, there is no reason for players to let the opportunity pass to play this dice game. In fact, there is no need to manually create an account in order to begin rolling the dice because the server automatically assign an alias, which can be changed later on along with the password and unique URL to suit the preferences of the player.


Therefore, for a guaranteed seamless and interesting dice game, bettors should definitely experience betting on dice in ZokDice.

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