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Roundup: Betting Partners & DreamHack Masters 2016

Roundup: Betting Partners & DreamHack Masters 2016

Chris in Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency published on 16, April 2016

Betting Partners: Bitcoin On Board Partner Brands

Popular online casinos working with Betting Partners now have Bitcoin on board. This does not only hint about Bitcoin’s continuous presence in the iGaming sector, it also reflects an expected boost in the customer base of the leading brands like Bodog, Bovada, and Bitcoin deposits are now accepted, but Bitcoin withdrawals are not yet supported by some of the partner brands of Betting Partners.

“Betting Partners is the affiliate program that exclusively manages the promotion of select brands in the industry. Bodog Casino, which prides itself on its excellent reputation dating back to its beginnings in 1994, is one of the partner brands of Betting Partners. With Bitcoin already accepted on Bodog as deposits, players from supported countries can freely opt to use the cryptocurrency to fund their account and use the bankroll to play on the variety of games on board.”

DreamHack Masters 2016 Games Open For Bitcoin Bets

Sixteen teams are battling it out in Malmö, Sweden to be this year’s DreamHack Masters champion. The six-day eSports tournament gathers the experts of Counter-strike: Global Offensive from across the globe. Meanwhile, making the DreamHack Masters 2016 all the more exciting is the coverage of the leading Bitcoin sports betting sites and casinos of the elimination round and playoff matches.

“Other than VitalBet, Betcoin Sports and Bovada also host these matches for both Bitcoin and fiat players. Bettors can wager on all of the matches in real-time as well, and choosing which site to play in can depend on the odds offered.”

Jackpocket Improves Online Lottery With Bitcoin

Playing lottery has become more interesting now with Jackpocket’s Bitcoin integration. Bettors in New York can use the Jackopocket app and use Bitcoin to play the lottery games without going to the stores to manually buy the tickets. BitPay is responsible for processing the Bitcoin payments for a more streamlined way of playing lottery with Bitcoin.

“Jackpocket announced their acceptance of the cryptocurrency early this year right before the Powerball lottery jackpot amounting to $1.6 billion was won by three ticket owners, one each from California, Florida, and Tennessee. This integration, however, functioned with the players sending in their bitcoins directly to Jackpocket, leaving the company solely in charge of processing Bitcoin payments. While this setup is practiced by other businesses, both online and land-based, it demands more work.”

Evolving Dridex Malware Puts More Systems At Risk

The Dridex malware transformed to become a distribution platform for Bitcoin ransomware. This doubled the risk for users since their personal details may not only be illegally acquired, but their files will also be encrypted and will only become accessible upon payment of the Bitcoin ransom. The ransomware is initiated through Locky, which can affect the wallet.dat file in computers.

“The malware then offers to sell the owner of the files a decoder for a price of 0.5 BTC to 1 BTC. Considering that the current exchange rate of 1 BTC is pegged at $420, this can be a lot of money.”

Unmasking Bitcoin: Positive Features & Benefits

Contradictory to how Bitcoin is mostly portrayed in the media, there are positive features of Bitcoin that will truly benefit customers in the world over. The Bitcoin community saw the rise of Bitcoin debit cards and other payment gateways that make Bitcoin transactions easier offline. But there are more development geared toward the improvements of everyday use of Bitcoin.

“Some of these startups bring innovative products to the market like 21 Inc’s Bitcoin Computer, which is supposed to make Bitcoin mining more accessible again. Others like BitPesa, a startup aimed at ensuring low-cost remittance to Africa, and Coinbase, a company aimed at making Bitcoin easier, provide products and services that truly make life easier for people.”