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Roundup: Bitcoin Halving, UltraPlay & Jackpots

Roundup: Bitcoin Halving, UltraPlay & Jackpots

Chris in Bitcoin Gambling published on 10, July 2016

Get Competitive With Online Poker Tournaments

Pick-up games of online poker can be enjoyable. However, there are times when a player will want to have more of a challenge. That is where online poker tournaments can be useful. Joining one of these can be challenging and lucrative for the skilled player.

“Another tournament with the same level of risk is Jackpot Poker. Three players buy into a Jackpot Poker tournament and are given 500 chips. The Jackpot Prize is randomly determined. This can range from two to 2,500 times the initial buy-in price, which is from $2 to $40. The tournament’s winner will get the Jackpot. To make it fast, the blinds will increase every three minutes, ensuring that eventually players will be betting with all of their chips.”

What Can Be The Effects As Bitcoin Halving Nears?

This month sees the halving of Bitcoin rewards for Bitcoin mining. With a major slide from 25 BTC to 12.5 BTC, this is sure to affect the Bitcoin economy. There are a lot of potential effects, both positive and negative.

“The biggest effect that the Bitcoin halving will have is on the mining industry. Dominated by Chinese mining companies, the Bitcoin mining industry is actually profitable right now. With Bitcoin prices high, miners have been known to produce around $1.5 million worth of bitcoins a month. With halved Bitcoin rewards, they can expect less incentive to mine.”

Hit The Jackpot: Big Wins In Bitcoin Gambling

Most of the time, people win small amounts only when they are gambling. Sometimes, people just get lucky. There have been quite a few gamblers who managed to get a large windfall when they hit the jackpot or are on a winnings streak.

“The winner managed to win 60 BTC on their initial win, but hit pay dirt when he managed to win 114 BTC later. In US dollar, that is around $76,000. It may not exactly be the millions that some people expect, but when a player gets a return of that size from the minor bets that slot games take, it is quite impressive.”

UltraPlay Sponsors eSports Event In Bulgaria

eSports is big business nowadays. A lot of companies want to get a piece of the action. Online sportsbook platform Ultraplay has decided to increase its presence the industry by sponsoring a major eSports event in Bulgaria called Game Evolution.

“With an auspicious start, UltraPlay is planning to dip its foot further in to the eSports industry by sponsoring a large eSports event in Bulgaria. Titled Game Evolution, this event set for September will bring together local eSports teams—professional and semi-professionals alike—and those from neighboring Greece, Romania, and Serbia to an eSports spectacular that will be sure to catch the eye of international eSports world.”

iGaming: How Fintech & Bitcoin Intertwine

Financial technology makes it easier for people to make transactions online. Developers in the field are interested in Bitcoin as a method to facilitate secure and cheap transactions. Easier online payments would be a great boon to the iGaming industry.

“This is one area some Fintech players are trying to tackle right now. Trustly, a Swedish company active in the world of financial technology, unveiled some of their new services earlier this year. Particularly instant deposits and withdrawals are of interest to them. That is only normal, considering the company is one of the leading alternative payment methods in the iGaming industry.”