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Roundup: Casino Signup, AAC 2016, and CoinfestUK

Roundup: Casino Signup, AAC 2016, and CoinfestUK

Chris in Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency published on 9, April 2016

Pros & Cons: Bitcoin Casino Signup Processes

Bitcoin casinos—with its initiative to promote anonymous gambling—offer different methods through which players can open an account. Some require minimal and non-personal details while others still prefer the rather strict Bitcoin casino signup procedures. These are some of the factors players must consider when choosing a Bitcoin casino to play in.

“Depending on preference, bettors may wish to choose the signup process that best fits their needs. Moreover, the process may be reflective of the casino’s attitude toward customer satisfaction and security.”

CoinPoint Graces Amsterdam Affiliate Conference

The three-day Amsterdam Affiliate Conference is scheduled to open on June 7 at Amsterdam Rai Hall 8. This year’s affiliate conference will feature a range of topics that prove to be valuable to affiliates across the world. CoinPoint, a long-time media sponsor of IGBAffiliate, is once again showing full support as it extends its expertise in promoting AAC 2016, with intentions of even becoming one of the thousands attending the event.

“CoinPoint is not alone in this as other sponsors with Bitcoin connections will also be in attendance. The list includes CalvinAyre, which shared more than a dozen Bitcoin related news in the past few months; Gaming Portal Web Association (GPWA), who understands the market and gives Bitcoin its stage on its sources; and LottaRewards, which accepts Bitcoin in the group.”

CoinfestUK 2016 Holds Bitcoin Education Sessions

CoinfestUK finally opens on April 8, and it has prepared Bitcoin education sessions in partnership with Portsmouth Crypto. The two-day event saw fit the addition of a lecture series that will benefit bitcoiners in ways that would help them understand Bitcoin better, as well as equip them with essential information vital to Bitcoin growth and promotion.

“The three topics will be “Basics of Bitcoin & the Blockchain,” “Navigating the Bitcoin ecosystem,” and “Wallets, security & cold storage.” Each of these introduces a basic idea about Bitcoin that users should be aware of.”

Bitcoin Regulation by Country, Or The Lack Thereof

One of the factors the deter Bitcoin’s global acceptance is its notion of legality, which is concretized by the presence of Bitcoin regulation by country. While in some countries Bitcoin are fully welcomed, not the same can be said about the others. Clearly, Bitcoin regulation varies from one country to another, and knowing how certain governments view the digital currency reveals the situation Bitcoin currently faces.

“Bitcoin is a different type of financial tool which is often associated with a lack of regulation by governments and central banks. While it’s certainly true that governments or banks cannot control Bitcoin, this does not mean there are no regulatory guidelines for digital currency in various countries. Although regulation can be harmful to the rate of innovation in the Bitcoin industry, there is a positive side to this approach as well.”

More Blockchain-Like Tech Will Rise In 10 Years

At the rate by which companies invest time, funds, and effort in discovering their future with the creation of their own blockchain, it is clear that more blockchain-like technologies will appear in the years to come. While there is a possibility that these innovations may bring improved services and security, the original Bitcoin and blockchain will remain steadfast.

“It will take several years until consumers and banks realize these centralized copies of Bitcoin and blockchain will simply not work. Using a new form of technology and finance to create the illusion of a better system without addressing the inherent problems will only further reduce the trust relationship between citizens and those in charge.”