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Roundup: FortuneJack, CoinFestUK & Fantasy Sports

Roundup: FortuneJack, CoinFestUK & Fantasy Sports

Chris in Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency published on 12, December 2015

FortuneJack Launches YouTube Video Contest

Huge FortuneJack Bitcoin prizes will be given away beginning next year through the YouTube Video Contest starting this month. With an aim to encourage players to share their reasons why FortuneJack is the better Bitcoin casino, this promotion requires them to produce a creative video that will be uploaded to YouTube. The video entry with the highest number of views wins the 10 BTC top prize while the most creative gets handpicked by the management for the special Jack’s Favorite award.

“In order to land on the third place spot, entries must generate at least 7,000 views. 10,000 views, on the other hand, are required to be able to hit the second place title. Meanwhile, the video that garners over 15,000 views will be crowned as the champion of this FortuneJack promotional campaign.”

CoinFestUK Ready To Celebrate Bitcoin In 2016

Madlab is the venue for next year’s CoinFestUK in Manchester. With the Bitcoin celebration, attendees will witness a list of activities that not only showcase the achievements and prowess of Bitcoin, but also those that share new knowledge beneficial to every stakeholder’s cause. CoinFestUK will be held on April 8 and 9. CoinFest volunteers and sponsors for this year’s event in UK are much welcome.

“Other than the fun-inducing music and captivating documentary, CoinFestUK 2016 has a bazaar set up that runs on Bitcoin. Participants will also be given access to an onsite Bitcoin ATM, have the privilege to purchase various goods using the digital currency, and receive all kinds of Bitcoin freebies, including shirts, pins, badges, stickers, and more.”

What’s Next? Daily Fantasy Sports With Bitcoin

Bitcoin does open more doors in the world of online gambling. With the recent rejection of certain fantasy sports sites, the digital currency comes to the rescue by providing solutions that will enable fantasy sports bettors to continue placing wagers despite the ban. Hence the rise of Bitcoin fantasy sports.

“Once Bitcoin fantasy sports gains ground, wagers and cashouts no longer need to pass through third-party conduits, which are the apparent main reasons behind the troubled sector’s current legal battle. Sports bettors can watch out for more fantasy sports offered by sportsbook solutions providers like UltraPlay.”

Bitcoin Still Thrives Amid AUS Bank Restraints

The Land Down Under was once a Bitcoin-friendly nation, but recent developments irked the bitcoiners, especially those in Australia. Until today, Bitcoin is neither legal nor illegal—a situation that only hampers what could have been a constant growth of the Bitcoin market in the region. In fact, a number of local Bitcoin exchanges have already shut down.

“Although their investigations of the banks are currently in progress, Bitcoin transactions are still conducted. Not to mention that a Bitcoin exchange or two—more even—based in Australia are displaying encouraging statistics in regard to Bitcoin transactions. Exchanges like Independent Reserve, CoinTree, Bit Trade Australia, Coin Loft BTC Markets and LocalBitcoins remain in full operation.”

Being Responsible Stops Bitcoin Security Breach

Malwares purposely integrated into illegal copies of software online had victimized one gamer, who downloaded a pirated copy of Fallen Out 4. While the act itself is illegal according to the governing laws, it cost him more when his Bitcoin wallet was accessed and his bitcoins transferred to another wallet address then distributed to several other addresses.

“Users like Bitcoin gamblers who receive several payouts often amounting to large sums of bitcoins are advised to keep the bulk of their funds in an offline Bitcoin wallet. This should prevent anyone else from the internet to access their bitcoins without permission, which explains the increase in demand for Bitcoin hardware wallets.”