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Roundup: NetEnt, & BitcoinGG

Roundup: NetEnt, & BitcoinGG

Chris in Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency published on 21, November 2015

NetEnt Adds Over 200 Games To SoftSwiss

NetEnt, the popular Swedish online game developer, partnered with SoftSwiss, a world-renowned Bitcoin casino software and game content provider. This collaboration of NetEnt and SoftSwiss resulted in the addition of more than 200 NetEnt games to the library of the casinos running on the SoftSwiss software platform. This further expanded the selection of games players can wager on. The NetEnt games, however, are playable with real money only.

“With the NetEnt games added to the collection of SoftSwiss’ own gaming content and those of other game providers, the Bitcoin software provider now offers close to 1,000 games—a large share of which are Bitcoin slots—playable through its Bitcoin payment processor, Cubits. The NetEnt games, however, are only available in fiat currencies. Brings More Prizes With New Blink Game added more excitement and variety to its website with the launch of its newest game called Blink. Inspired by Bitcoin lottery, BitBingo’s Blink features several tickets that correspond to certain factors like the number of tickets available and prizes. Its newest game complements the attractive set of Bitcoin casino bonus deals in store in this casino.

“Blink wagers are certainly wallet-friendly. Compared to other bingo games, this BitBingo exclusive only charges a minimum of 1 mBTC and a maximum of 10 mBTC per ticket. Ultimately, BitBingo’s Blink game offers some of the most generous jackpots in bingo gaming. With just 10 mBTC worth of wager, gamblers can win up to 2.91 BTC.”

Submit Complaints For Prompt Actions To BitcoinGG

Bitcoin gamblers now have the power voice out their troubles with Bitcoin casino and betting websites through the new BitcoinGG File A Complaint function. Players can easily submit their concerns directed at the gambling site in question and wait for that site’s brand representative to contact them and provide appropriate solutions. A pioneer in the Bitcoin gambling market, this feature fosters a dynamic, player-friendly, and honest cryptocurrency gambling environment.

“All submitted complaints, however, must be supported with facts. This means that the complaint should clearly detail the series of events that led to the problem. The form will also require players to provide factual details like the unpaid amount, duration of the problem, and even screenshots that will further solidify the claims that the complaint is indeed valid and authentic.”

How Biowallets Can Change Bitcoin Gambling

Despite the variety of Bitcoin wallets available today, technology permits the creation of more advanced and innovative wallets that can be used to improve the Bitcoin ecosystem. One of the new kinds of wallets making a buzz today is the biowallet. While the concept discussed on Reddit is rather a far more advanced approach to storing cryptocurrencies, there has already been a case of having the wallet implanted into a man’s body, thereby allowing for contactless transactions by simply scanning the said body part. This progress may already hint development also for Bitcoin gambling.

“In addition, through biowallets, it is possible for the Bitcoin gambling industry to expand its influence from the Bitcoin casino and even up to land-based casinos because of the fact gamblers are now able to do contactless deposit and withdrawal transactions.”

Now What? Micon’s Arrest Affects Bitcoin Niche

Bryan Micon, the infamous operator of what was once the biggest Bitcoin-only poker site Seals With Clubs, was recently sentenced to a two-year probation and a $25,000 legal fine. This court drama laid out the legal issues concerning real-money and Bitcoin gambling sites that operate in Nevada. Moreover, it had effects on the Bitcoin gambling community and its market as a whole.

“On another note, Micon’s arrest did not only shower the industry with negativity. In fact, the apprehension of Seals With Clubs founder has also enlightened other operators and users about the importance of complying with the law. Hence, a number of operators have done the necessary requirements in order to fully operate beyond the shadows.”