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Roundup: SatoshiDice, DraftKings & XIN Gaming

Roundup: SatoshiDice, DraftKings & XIN Gaming

Chris in Bitcoin Gambling published on 22, May 2016

What Has Gone Wrong With SatoshiDice?

SatoshiDice, once the darling of the Bitcoin gambling world, is in the Bitcoin news again. This time it is not positive. Users have been having problems with the site and complaints have exploded in its Bitcointalk thread. The trouble is that no one knows what is happening.

“While some players are properly assisted through the Bitcointalk thread or via email, the entire population of Bitcoin gamblers is left clueless as to what is happening to SatoshiDice. This does not say that SatoshiDice—or the team behind it—is irresponsible, but a constant communication with the stakeholders is a must in order to appease their worries and doubts that SatoshiDice is a few steps away from shutting down.”

FanDuel Going Through Some Rough Times

FanDuel, one of the biggest daily fantasy sports sites, is facing a slew of problems. Legal challenges and financial troubles can mean bad times for the fantasy sports company based out of Edinburgh. It does have plans to get through them, but only time will tell if it succeeds.

“Another problem is that FanDuel seems to have overextended itself financially. Maybe it was in response to the threat of legal problems, but it appears that the company’s financial reserves took a nosedive from a high of $274 million to a mere $47.8 million. It does not help that when the company released its annual report, it reported a loss of $94.9 million. FanDuel explains that the money was spent on product development and marketing.”

Ether Breaks Into Online Sports Betting Scene

Ether, the Ethereum network’s default currency, is most often used to buy processing cycles on the network. This is done to either run or develop an app on it. However, Ether’s popularity has made it a powerful new cryptocurrency, which means people have seen its commercial viability.

“The fact that Ether has been making a splash has not gone unnoticed. DirectBet is one of the world’s leading sportsbooks and been voted as the #1 Bitcoin Sportsbook by for two years in a row. As an industry leader, the company knows the importance of being innovative. This is why it has now started accepting Ether for wagering.”

DraftKings Steps Up Despite Ongoing Legal Battle

DraftKings is in the same boat as FanDuel, with legal challenges on the horizon. However, the fantasy sports giant has decided to go proactive and has implemented several changes to ensure an increased clientele, with increased coverage and a new payment processor.

“DraftKings, one of the two giants in daily fantasy sports, took a more proactive approach toward the regulatory procedures being imposed in the US. In February, the Boston-based company expanded the market and launched its services in the UK. To ensure that the operations will be legally accepted, DraftKings applied for a gambling license in the region, a move that was questioned since the online fantasy sports service stand by its claim that playing fantasy sports is a game of skill rather than a game of chance.”

XIN Gaming Shows Off New Slot For Chinese Market

XIN Gaming, one of Asia’s leading game developers, has developed a new slot game for the market. This new offering solidifies the company’s presence in the Asian market and would be an impressive part of their G2E Asia exhibit.

“Based on a classic Chinese literature, the Monkey King slot game is a five-reel, three-row, 25-line slot game that features the adventures of the eponymous Monkey King, Sun Wukong. Undoubtedly the most famous character from Journey to the West, the character has been adapted to a wide array of media from cartoons to games. Asians will easily recognize him and will be curious about the game and will want to try it out.”