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IncapsulaIncapsula joins one of the website security services we like because of how its services can protect operators from DDoS attacks. It also offers protection against other cyber threats.

Any kind of attack that could bring down a website or find an opening to a server is a serious threat that needs immediate attention. Operators could lose a lot of money that they could earn.

DDoS Protection

A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack is where a website or gambling site will get a flood of traffic from different places all at once. With too much traffic going into the site, actual players will have a hard time entering it and playing any of its games. Because of this, players will look to visit other online gambling sites to make wagers with.

Stopping a DDoS attack can be hard at times. But Incapsula can filter out any dangerous traffic. It does this by using a list of security rules that checks on the client’s behavior. It also checks the reputation and HTTP footprint. These rules allow the system to stop a DDoS attack while allowing actual players into the website.

Incapsula services

Incapsula also has other ways of protecting operators from DDoS attacks. This includes a 3Tbps high-capacity network. A DDoS attempt usually works by giving the network too much traffic to digest. The large capacity of the network allows it to handle a large amount of traffic. This helps to keep the website running even while a huge amount of bad traffic is going to the site.


Incapsula is always on 24/7 and will automatically stop any digital attacks. Operators do not need to have one of his IT teams to turn on the protection for its website or get in touch with a specialist. This allows an operator to focus on other parts of his online gambling site, whether it’s a fiat casino or a Bitcoin casino.

The service won’t become a nuisance to an operator’s player. Other websites require visitors to fill out a captcha field or wait for the site to load. Actual players will not run into anything like this as they visit an online gambling site with the company’s protection.

Incapsula can also protect a website from any attacks that target the IP address. It does by hiding the IP from an operator’s service.

This company’s will to protect clients from cyber threats is impressive. Bitcoin sports betting sites and other gambling venues will benefit from the trusted products it offers.