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Blackjack Strategy

Chris in published on 16, August 2013

Blackjack, unlike any other casino games, is not a mere game of chance. In every playing decision you make, luck is not the only thing needed for a win in this card game. Skills and strategies are a must for you to have to perfectly emerge as the victor in this challenge. So are you up to know and learn the Blackjack Strategy? Well, you must be as it will certainly uplift your odds of winning big.

Like poker strategy, there is some Blackjack Strategy that is proven to be effective and efficient to utilize. Hence, keep an open mind and keen eyes to know what strategy will suit your preference the best.

The first and most popular Blackjack Strategy is the ‘Strategy Table’. This table contains playing decisions, Hit or stand, Double or Split and others. These playing decisions are paired to the cards based on the cards at your hand and Dealer’s Up Card.  Hence, you can easily know what playing decision to make based on the cards shown at your hand and the dealer’s. You might doubt its reliability and correctness. However, you do not have to worry as these strategy tables are mostly made and validated in two ways. First is by applying the probability theory utilizing extremely complicated mathematics. On the other hand, the second technique involves simulation thousands of blackjack deals by using computer. These deals are simulated to see the combination of moves that give the finest end results.

Using a ‘Strategy Table’ maybe at first seems complicated as you have to memorize the every single detail given. However, as the saying goes, ‘Experience is the best teacher.’ You can always try the effectiveness of this strategy online. There several sites that offer tips and simple instructions to learn this strategy by giving you hands-on instructions with this strategy.

The other Blackjack Strategy you must know is about money management systems. There are actually three most popular systems that can help you to earn more and lose less in this game: the ‘Martingale System’, ‘Oscar’s Grind’, as well as ‘Labouchere.’

Among the three, the most popular is ‘Martingale System’ wherein you must begin with the single betting unit, and have to double the amount of bet in every lose you have. With this, you will be able to get all the amounts you lose if you did a great hit and win.

On the other hand, the ‘Oscar’s Grind’ is based on a series of playing hands. The main goal in this system is to come out of each series with a total net win of at least one betting unit. If the player loses a hand, the bet must remain the same until another hand is won, at which it must be increased with one unit.

Last but not the least is the ‘Labouchere’. In this system, you wager must be adjusted based on the results of the previous game, increasing after losing and then decreasing after winning using a complicated equation.

Blackjack Strategy is indeed important for every player who would want to try his fortune in this card game. Blackjack is one of the Bitcoin casino games where the players are mainly involved in playing; hence, you have an upper hand on the results of the game even if it’s partly based on luck. By knowing and using the right strategy in this card game, you will definitely get one great thing: good winnings! Online gambling is fun, and now with bitcoins, betting has never been this addicting. Knowing more about bitcoins is easy; you can buy them or get them for free, but whatever you do, there are loads of ways on how to get bitcoins.