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Top Bitcoin eSports

One of the latest Bitcoin gambling activities to appear is eSports betting. This concept is almost the same as sports betting. In this case, though, eSports is about competing in competitive video games.

ESports event is where professional gamers or the people who invested time and money to become skillful in playing a certain game play against each other. Recently, Bitcoin eSports have shared the same recognition as other sports betting events. There might be some people who might not have any idea what eSports are and the game associated to them. The guide should give you a brief look on this gambling activity.

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You might have only heard of Bitcoin eSports just recently. But this trending activity—at least for eSports—has long been enjoyed several years ago. Today, you’ll see different tournaments played across the globe. And various games that made a huge name in the market fill the massive screens set up inside eSports tournament arenas.

Bitcoin eSports

Bitcoin eSports basics

ESports betting is almost the same as sports betting. Bookmakers set the odds for players or teams in a specific match. Bettors make a wager for a team they think is going to win and walk home with their payout if they guessed it right. The big difference in Bitcoin eSports and sports betting are the types of bets.

Games like StarCraft 2 has side bets where players make a wager on how long the game will last or which player will have the maximum amount of resources. Other games also come with different betting options, but this depends on the Bitcoin sportsbook that cover the eSports events.

Nitrogen Sports, for example, offers competitive odds for a number of eSports tournaments. In fact, this site already has an exclusive arm for eSports, which they call Nitrogen eSports.

Bitcoin eSports betting is an interesting way to increase your Bitcoin bankroll if you’re looking for a good alternative to sports and other casino games. It gives several chances to win and it lets you enjoy the hottest eSports games and tournaments today.

Different games in Bitcoin eSports

You’ll find many games available for Bitcoin eSports betting. But the following are the most watched eSports games:

StarCraft 2 – This is a real time strategy or RTS game where two players construct buildings and battle units from a limited amount of resources. To win the game, each player tries to get rid of their opponent’s buildings and units. The player who overpowers his opponent wins the match.

Dota 2 – Two group of five players work together to reach their opponent’s base and destroy their ancient. Each player controls different characters that have unique abilities. These characters grow stronger and gain new abilities for every enemy they kill.

CounterStrike: Global Offensive – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a shooter game between two teams. There are different maps wherein the two teams fight. Each map has a main objective for one team. This objective includes planting a bomb in an area or rescuing a hostage. While one team tries to do the objective, the opposing team prevents them from reaching it.

Betting on eSports with Bitcoin

There are a number of places where you can join Bitcoin eSports matches. There are Bitcoin sports betting sites like, which has eSports as one of its sports betting lineups. Their usual games include Dota 2, Counter-Strike, StarCraft 2 and League of Legends.

There are certain sites that focus more on eSports only such as EGB. Since they are focused on eSports, they are able to include other eSports games in their lineup. These games include Smite and Heroes of the Storm.  Other popular eSports games for betting are Quake and World of Tanks.

Not all of the eSports betting sites directly accept Bitcoin. But bettors are in luck if a site accepts NETELLER payments. Bitcoin owners can use the site to convert their digital coins into a usable currency in the sites they want to visit. They can also look up other Bitcoin eSports betting sites like