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UKGC: Operators Must Use New Rules & Software

UKGC: Operators Must Use New Rules & Software

Chris in Bitcoin Gambling published on 29, October 2016

A new proposed change to its online gambling software and technical standards has been published by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).  Last year, the UKGC started a consultation with its Remote Gambling and Software Technical Standards (RTS). The results have led to many proposed revisions. The UKGC is looking for looking for more input among industry stakeholders.

These are just a few of the new rules proposed by the UKGC:

Revision on in-play betting software

One of the changes presented is an in-play betting software requirement which lets bettors decide if they want to accept price fluctuations when they place a bet automatically. The option will be shown either within their account settings or their bet slip. It is necessary for online casino operators to fully educate their players to help ensure they are fully aware of their options.

Customer information on confiscated funds

There are new rules which are going to be imposed on operators of online gambling games. These rules are based on the dilemma which players face when their funds were confiscated because of integrity issues. In some of these cases, the players legally own the confiscated funds. It also showed how many of the bettors were not made aware of the whereabouts of the funds confiscated from them.

The UKGC wants to ensure all players are informed of their confiscated funds by having operators offer a small and clear description of their policies in regards to this issue. Although the integrity issue can be complicated to understand, operators of online casinos simply need to highlight the important points of the policy and not cover each scenario.

Third-party software involvement

UKGC is not planning on regulating or choosing which third-party software is acceptable at this point in time. Third-party software are ones involved in developing bots, seating scripts or the heads up displays of the game. UKGC though expects operators are transparent on which third-party software they allow within their website to ensure their players are aware of it.

Live dealer audit

A new guideline has allowed the exemption of casinos with live dealer from UKGC audit if a legitimate licensing jurisdiction office already audited them. If a casino didn’t receive an audit, the UKGC require its operators to seek initial testing from an UKGC-approved testing house. These casinos are also required to submit for annual testing after the initial one.

Financial limitations

One way of helping players with any issues they have with their gambling habits is to allow them to place a financial limits within their account. The limit should be set for every game a bettor plays. The UKGC wants gambling site operators to make this option available in their online casino.

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