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What Can Be Sweeter than Free Bitcoins?

Chris in Bitcoin Gambling published on 20, October 2014

Free Bitcoins

Offering free bitcoins is a great marketing strategy. Several brands that are new in the market—or those that continue to aim attracting more players—feature this on their platform, and they receive a favorable response from the online Bitcoin gambling community.

Giving away bitcoins free of charge is, after all, an enticing deal for anyone who wishes to experience the games offered by a Bitcoin casino or a gambling site. Most notable are bettors who prefer to rather keep their earned or paid bitcoins to themselves and still be able to play Bitcoin dice, slots, and other Bitcoin casino games.

In truth, many players look forward to Bitcoin faucets hosted on new and old Bitcoin betting platforms, and this is evident with the clamor on Bitcointalk for more venues where such offer is available. It is a common sight, then, to find members asking and posting information about the Bitcoin gambling brands that have set up a free Bitcoin faucet.

Perhaps the most popular brand that is known for this practice in the market today is no other than the ever-evolving Bitcoin dice site, PrimeDice. Even with its recently launched new platform aptly called PrimeDice 3, it still features a Bitcoin faucet, much to the delight of its loyal players and avid customers.

Although Bitcoin casino aficionados have varying opinions when it comes to the demand for free bitcoins, the clear advantages of the Bitcoin faucets in gambling platforms remain the same:

  1. Free bitcoins give a preview of the kind of Bitcoin betting that is in store, much like how Play Money works. To the majority of bettors, this is an important aspect since it enables them to try the games out first before placing deposits.
  2. Wagering on Bitcoin casino games come without any risk when free bitcoins are used. As compared to playing with actual Bitcoin deposits, losing the funds generated from the faucet in the various games online do not have any bearing on the funds in the account balance and Bitcoin wallet.
  3. Free bitcoins are free. No matter what other say, there is absolutely nothing wrong in taking one’s share of the perks that are offered to everyone.

While Bitcoin faucets are an effective method to invite more patrons, they also reveal the rather disappointing reasoning of some players who practically cry foul whenever a brand stops its charitable deed or decreases the amount of free bitcoins—exactly what happened to PrimeDice 3.

Regardless, Bitcoin faucet will always be one of the clear major components that will ensure favorable following from players who are not afraid to take advantage of the sweet things in life and jeux Bitcoin games.