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Let’s talk about Bitcoin gambling.

Think about your favorite slots, dice, and poker games. Take the lengthy banking processes out of the picture, and add the quick, simple transactions made with Bitcoin. Now, mix in the other user-friendly characteristics of this digital currency and you will have a new way to enjoy gambling online. It’s provably fair, exciting, and absolutely for everyone.

That’s Bitcoin gambling in a nutshell. But if you want to know more, we have everything covered here on Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned bettor, using Bitcoin will certainly show you the side of online gambling you’ve never seen before. This is where our mission starts, and we couldn’t be any happier to bring you steps closer to the lucrative and entertaining world of online casinos, poker rooms, sportsbooks, and other exciting things made even better by Bitcoin!

For a starter, we have here a list of the newest Bitcoin gambling site reviews you can spend your bankroll on. Choose your favorite games and experience 10 times the fun when you win more bitcoins.

New Bitcoin Gambling Sites

Check out the latest Bitcoin Gambling Sites we've reviewed for you!

  • 888poker


    888poker is a branch of the 888casino empire...

  • Casdep


    Casdep is for gamblers who want to enjoy...

  • Thunderbolt Casino

    Thunderbolt Casino

    Thunderbolt Casino is a pleasant surprise for many...

    Thunderbolt Casino

It’s normal for first-timers to feel overwhelmed when choosing the sites to join and deposit on, but the same can be said about experienced players. This is the reason we have searched for all the Bitcoin gambling sites online and collated them to provide you with a collection of Bitcoin casinos and other betting platforms to get you started.

We‘ve even checked each one of them and created objective, straight-to-the-point online reviews to give a clear-cut assessment of their services, games, reliability, and the overall gambling experience.

We give you what you need to know and what you want to know.

Gambling with bitcoins covers a wide spectrum of ways to enjoy the digital currency. If you wish to explore the various markets in this niche, then you’re at the right place.

Find the popular and upcoming names in Bitcoin Casino, Poker, Dice, Sports Betting, Binary Options, Forex, Lottery, and Bingo. Go through the in-depth Bitcoin gambling review and rankings and see what other players think of the brands. We share our unbiased opinions and we let you take control of selecting the best Bitcoin gambling site for your personality and bankroll.

But we don’t stop there. We want all Bitcoin players to experience the best, so we took the liberty of picking the Bitcoin games to watch out for, especially which of the Bitcoin slots you’ll absolutely look forward to playing again (as well as those that would make saving your precious coins a wiser move.)

New Bitcoin Games

Check out the latest Bitcoin Gambling Games we've reviewed for you

  • Mars Dinner Slot

    Mars Dinner Slot

    Here is a unique Bitcoin slots offering from MrSlotty. The Mars Dinner slot game brings players to the Mars of...

    Mars Dinner Slot
  • Meme Faces Slot

    Meme Faces Slot

    Bitcoin games, especially slots, have a wide variety of themes to set them apart. This latest offering from MrSlotty uses...

    Meme Faces Slot
  • Space Fortune Slot

    Space Fortune Slot

    Habanero takes you to outer space with its Space Fortune slot. A simple no-frills slot game, this game is a...

    Space Fortune Slot

What are the maximum bets? How much is the house edge? Is bitcoins gambling worth your time?

These are the questions online gamblers ask before placing wagers. With our Bitcoin casino game reviews, you don’t need to take chances because we’re giving you spot-on insights on the overall gameplay, design, and payouts. Better yet, we give the best Bitcoin casino bonus deals you’ll definitely crave for!

Hundreds of Bitcoin games are already online, all fighting to get a share of your Bitcoin bankroll. This is definitely a plus on one hand, but it’s quite a task to sift through what’s hot and what’s not.

Get the lowdown on the pros and cons of the casino games on the market today. Ready your bitcoins and start betting!

Gambling with bitcoins is a great source of entertainment and excitement, but even the best fall down sometimes. Not to worry, though, because we’re here to help you with whatever complaints you have.

Bitcoin Casino Complaints

  • 4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino owes me 6.775 Bitcoin

    ====================Denied Winnings from 4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino===================== NOTE: I have done my best to Remove my name/email...

    Filed Under: Banking
    by: magnetic1
    Posted on Wednesday, 2. November 2016
    4GrinZ Bitcoin Casino owes me 6.775 Bitcoin
  • Non payment of affiliate btc

    I had an affiliate signup under me who went on to deposit and lose over...

    Filed Under: Banking
    by: Frankd908
    Posted on Tuesday, 11. October 2016
    Non payment of affiliate btc
  • not cash out

    I am currently impossible to Cash Out There are no measures Also, I do not even...

    Filed Under:
    by: tony
    Posted on Thursday, 15. September 2016
    not cash out

Delayed payments and offline sites are the common troubles experienced in online gambling.

Here on Bitcoin Gambling Guide, we give everyone the voice to speak out their frustrations about certain brands when gambling bitcoins and help resolve each problem. With our initiative, we aim to make your Bitcoin gambling experience worry-free and absolutely exciting.

To experience our complete services and learn how to start Bitcoin casino wins, create an account now and be part of a community that fosters a healthy, informative, and pro-player environment built for gambling with Bitcoin!

  • Bitcoin Casino—whether it is the classic favorites roulette, blackjack, or baccarat, casino enthusiasts are assured of an exemplary time wagering bitcoins on the most exciting casino games ever to hit the cyberspace. Of course, the popular slots and the video poker machines, along with the other equally thrilling casino betting products that take pride in their provable fairness, are also present.
  • Bitcoin Poker — it is the game of skill many players around the world are highly fond off. Aside from the websites that feature computer-generated games, there are also Bitcoin poker rooms that provide online poker tables, where poker aficionados can play in tournaments and freerolls against other avid bettors around the globe.
  • Bitcoin Dice — dice games innovate the online gambling arena by allowing small bets while providing competitive rewards and a new kind of entertainment. Moreover, Bitcoin dice games may even be played in real-time with a live dealer.
  • Bitcoin Sports Betting — avid sports bettors and fans are treated to an easy and reliable sport betting activity that serves as the gateway to witness and be part of the action in various sporting events taking place in the international and local scenes.
  • Bitcoin Binary Options — bitcoiners who are looking for a simple means to profit Bitcoin with the same kind of suspense and excitement similar to Bitcoin gambling must certainly indulge in trading binary options. With its fast, easy nature of buying contracts, investing, and waiting for the results, Bitcoin binary option continues to become one of the more popular choices.
  • Bitcoin Forex — forex trading can be burdensome on most occasions, but Bitcoin succeeds in turning it into a hassle-free, desirable financial instrument. Risk-takers, seasoned investors, and other kinds of traders should consider investing in currency pairs in the world of Bitcoin and to experience the benefits it brings.
  • Bitcoin Lottery — who would not want the entertainment and suspense online lottery games bring? It does not require skills, but you are in desperate need of more luck in order to score big winnings. As lottery begins to become even more popular in Bitcoin gambling, more websites are launched to cater for the fans of Bitcoin lottery.
  • Bitcoin Bingo — bingo remains to enjoy the attention it receives from niche bettors. While it may still be rare to find Bitcoin bingo games online, being able to play one is rather an experience worth going for.
  • Other Games — Bitcoin gambling is not limited to the typical games found in a casino and other gambling locations both online and land-based. Thus, expect to find more Bit coin gambling activities in the form of prediction, race, wheel of fortune, challenge, toss/flip coin, and chain games. All of these operate on the digital currency and provide an alternative means to enjoy gambling using Bitcoin