The Keys To Playing Bitcoin Blackjack

The Keys To Playing Bitcoin Blackjack Online

Playing bitcoin Blackjack is the fascinating new online craze that is sweeping the nation. Whether it’s a computer graphics representation of a Blackjack table or a live video stream of an actual table. Using cryptocurrency like bitcoin and ethereum, users are enabled access their game of choice from the convenience of anywhere with an internet connection. Blackjack, or 21, is an easy-to-learn game that has fascinated gamers of all levels for centuries.

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Playing Cryptocurrency Blackjack Games

Playing BTC Blackjack creates constant tension and involvement as players try to beat the House by getting closest to 21 without going over that magic number. Live dealer playing is almost identical to live Bitcoin Blackjack online, so whether you are playing in an online Blackjack casino or a go out to a physical one, the rules are the same.

Blackjack starts with players placing their bets, and the dealer giving each player and him or herself one card dealt facedown. The playing continues with each player and the dealer receiving another card; this time dealt face up. Here is where things start to get interesting.

The object of Blackjack is to get 21 without going “bust,” which means getting more than 21. Face cards – Kings, Queens, and Jacks – equal 10 points. Aces count as one point or 11 points, whichever way benefits the hand.

Players compete against each other and the dealer, which is the House. After everyone is given a second card, players that have an ace, a face card or a ten showing can peek at their facedown card to see if they have 21. If they do have 21, they have “Blackjack” and win the hand. Otherwise, each player in turn, and finally the dealer, decides if they want to “stand” or receive a “hit.” Stand means to stop receiving more cards, and hit means to get one other card. Players bet on each round until someone gets 21 or everyone busts. The dealer always has the bonus of having the last chance to get 21.

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Blackjack Rules

While there are many names for blackjack, such as 21, and various formats around the world, the rules for playing are all very similar. Fortunately if you are new and trying to play the game, the rules are quite simple to learn and once mastered, forming a blackjack strategy can lead to tons of success. Another benefit for someone looking to play blackjack with bitcoin are that the odds are very good, and even a beginning play can increase their chances of winning, by understanding the rules and implementing a solid strategy.

Playing blackjack requires a standard 52 card deck, and most online bitcoin casinos use around 3-8 in order to ensure card counting isn’t possible for players looking to gain an edge using unethical tactics. The objective of the game is maintain a higher total card value than the dealer, without (busting) or going over the count of 21.

Value of Cards

  • 2-10 = Their set value (4 = 4)
  • Face Cards Jack, King, Queen = 10
  • Aces = 1 or 11

In Game Actions

After a player is dealt the first two cards, they have the option to either:

  • Stand = No more cards are dealt to that particular player
  • Hit = That player will receive one more card
  • Split Pairs = Given a player has two cards in different suits they have the ability to split them and play as though they have two separate hands
  • Double Down = If the initial two cards that the player is dealt is 9, 10, or 11, they have the ability to double there original bet they placed.
  • Insurance = If the dealers face up card is an ace, players have the option to place side bets on whether the dealers second face down card (hole card) is a 10.

How to Play Bitcoin Blackjack

A simple Bitcoin game such as Blackjack still evolves some rather complex rules and strategies over time. Part of the fascination with cryptocurrency Blackjack is the constant development of new methods to try to gain better odds over the House and have the potential to make a fortune.

Overcoming the built-in superior odds possessed by the dealer is a difficult task. Since players always take their turns first, they have a better chance of going over 21 than the dealer does. As soon as a player goes over 21, the game is over for that player.

The concept of “insurance” helps mitigate the House advantage slightly. Insurance occurs when the dealer receives a 10, face card or ace on the first deal. When that happens, players have an option of placing a side bet that the dealer already has a Blackjack, which gives the player more of a chance to recoup their original bets and stay in the game.

A plethora of different strategies exist that attempt to even the odds. A few of them fall into the category of necessary playing procedure that the beginner to the game can benefit from by learning early. Consider them rules that trigger action based on what the dealer upcard shows. Depending on what the dealer gets, standard playing actions help increase a player’s odds. Take the following specific steps based on the dealer’s up card:

Dealer Upcard:

  • 4-6, stop asking for cards when you reach 12 or higher
  • 2-3, stop at 13 or higher
  • 7-10, keep getting hit until the score reaches 17 or higher

Learning and following these simple stratagems will help the novice player last longer in the game. More playing time will help users develop more in-depth tactics to win more hands.


Why Play Blackjack with Bitcoin?

Players used to have to travel to Las Vegas or other towns where gambling takes place to enjoy playing Blackjack and other casino games. Since the internet came along, online gaming has steadily grown in popularity.

A new twist to playing online is the advent of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. The online casino industry has helped digital money grow in popularity. One of the main reasons gamblers like to use bitcoin as opposed to regular cash is it allows them to remain anonymous. Privacy is one of the primary reasons cryptocurrency continues to catch on in the marketplace, and it certainly factors predominantly into why digital money is so prevalent in the online gambling arena. Moreover, online Blackjack gamers choose bitcoins are the easy-to-use interface and the quick payouts on winnings. One thing is clear, the cryptocurrency blackjack casino and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are a perfect match.

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Where to Play Blackjack with Bitcoin

Blackjack is one of the most popular online bitcoin gambling activities in the world. With so many options available all catering to different needs, gamblers will not have any trouble finding what they consider the best bitcoin blackjack sites. Listed below are some of the top recommended websites for playing Blackjack with bitcoin. Check out our top casinos to play Blackjack with cryptocurrency!

The above list represents only a few of the many cryptocurrency Blackjack casinos accepting Bitcoin. Starting with these ensures some measure of safety since all of them are legitimate businesses that have been around for a while. Always perform due diligence when researching online gaming houses since some scam artist think online gambling is an easy mark. Do not let a few bad apples spoil a good time. With the Bitcoin Blackjack casino market booming, and new opportunities to play are popping up daily and casinos offering deposit bonus options, continue to grow. A vast majority of sites have a vested interest in keeping your information private and secure. Select a Blackjack casino that looks like a good fit, offers free spins and get in on the action.

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