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There are more Bitcoin gambling sites than ever. How can you tell the difference between a legitimate casino and a scam site? Bitcoin casino reviews help players make intelligent decisions on where to deposit and play. In this casino review section, you will find well over 100 reviews for various Bitcoin online casinos, Bitcoin sportsbooks, and more.

How We Rank Our Casinos

It is clear that some websites randomly rank online casinos. Others sites are paid to provide positive feedback. We take an honest approach toward casino reviews that will give you helpful information about a casino. This way, you can make an informed decision on where to play. For complete transparency, here are the criteria we use to rank our websites:

Website Design and Software

Most gambling guide reviews gloss over a website’s design and software. We believe that the quality of a site’s software is indicative of the experience you’ll enjoy as players. As such, we’ll give you a rundown of what to expect from the site in terms of layout and the software providers offered at the site.

888 Casino Software

If the site is particularly glitchy or challenging to navigate, you’ll find that info in our reviews. We also provide screenshots of the software to give you a preview of the site before you visit.

Casino Gaming

Each casino review dedicates a section exclusively to casino gaming. If it’s a slots casino review, we will tell you the type of slots you can find along with any unique gaming. We will notify you what forms of poker are available for a Bitcoin poker casino review, along with cash game and poker tournament information.

Our reviews don’t focus exclusively on slots. We will let you know about all available gaming at the site. Does the site offer Live Dealer Games, video poker, or bingo? You’ll find those answers in our reviews.

Bonuses, Promotions, and Loyalty Programs

The average Bitcoin gambling review will only cover a casino’s welcome bonus. Any Bitcoin bonus casino review on this site will evaluate all promotional offers at a casino. We cover the Bitcoin welcome bonus and any daily deposit bonuses, free bet offers, and any special ongoing offers you will find at the casino.

Next, if the casino offers a loyalty or VIP program, we will give you the details of those programs. Not all casinos offer a loyalty program, or the program is only available for top players. We will provide you with the lowdown on all potential loyalty offers.


Any casino review that you read will give you a general overview of banking. Our reviews go a bit deeper than the average review. We will explain the primary banking options, covering both Bitcoin deposit and fiat options. If the site accepts Altcoin, we will tell you which options are available.

Our reviews will also tell you about any hidden fees associated with deposits and withdrawals. If there are any unusual terms, like a high withdrawal limit for bank drafts or manual processing for crypto withdrawals, we’ll share that info as well.

Mobile Support

More than half of all online gaming, gambling, and otherwise, occurs via mobile devices. As such, it is essential that online casinos support mobile gambling. Many sites are now mobile-optimized, meaning that they will work on any mobile web browser. For sites that aren’t mobile-optimized, most will offer mobile apps that provide many of the same features as the primary site.

BetOnline Casino Mobile

Our Bitcoin casino reviews will cover which mobile options are available. If there are any limitations on mobile gaming or app features, we will cover those as well.

Customer Support

A casino review is not complete without an evaluation of customer service. We do a full rundown of the options available. We start with self-help options like FAQs and Help Centers and then break down which contact options are available.

We take it a step further by actually contacting customer support and making basic inquiries. We evaluate support based on how quickly they answer, agent communication, and level of expertise. Our reviews will not pull punches with customer support. You’ll know whether the site has your back or if you need to play elsewhere.

Why Should I Trust Your Reviews?

Every casino review site will try and sell you on why you should use their site. Often, they are going out of their way to try and sell you on casino partners to make money. We don’t do that here. Our goal is to give you the information needed to make an intelligent decision when gambling online.

Here are the top 5 reasons you can trust our casino reviews:

No Fluff Reviews – Our reviews stick to the facts about a casino. We don’t make outlandish claims or hard sale pitches to get you to check out a site. We tell you what you need to know about the casino and let you make the decision to play there.

Comprehensive List – If you pay careful attention to many sites, they give you reviews for a handful of casinos. We presently list over 140 online casinos, online sportsbooks, and other gambling sites. Even if the site offers a single game, such as BitKong, we will cover it.

Bitstarz Casino

Honest Reviews – When you read a casino review on this site, you can be guaranteed to get an honest review. We give you the good along with the bad. Most sites provide overly positive reviews on casinos and ignore any problematic parts. With our reviews, you’ll know what to expect from the time you sign up.

Knowledgeable Reviewers – Our reviewers are not professional writers but online gambling experts. They are also knowledgeable about crypto. Our reviewers know what to look for at online casinos, and this is reflected in their reviews. Their in-depth knowledge of gambling sets them apart from reviewers at other sites.

Regularly Updated – One of the biggest problems we see with some gambling review sites is that their reviews are not regularly updated. Online gambling sites are constantly evolving, and a review from two years ago will not be accurate. As such, we periodically reevaluate the casinos on our list to make sure our reviews are accurate and update them when necessary.

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