Bitcoin Soccer Betting Guide 2021

Bitcoin Soccer Betting Guide 2021

Soccer is easily the most popular sport in the world. Known as football or (futbol) in most of the world, soccer fans are among the most passionate fans out there. Bitcoin soccer betting is the most lucrative form of sports betting globally. It should be no surprise that Bitcoin soccer betting is huge business now that many sportsbooks and online casinos accept Bitcoin for deposits.

Learn more betting on soccer with Bitcoin, including the type of bets you can make on football games. We will tell you how to bet on soccer with Bitcoin along with what to look for when choosing a Bitcoin sports betting site.

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Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites & Reviews 2020

Why You Should Bet on Soccer With Bitcoin

Bitcoin soccer betting has grown in popularity over the last few years as sports betting sites have begun accepting crypto for deposits. Is there any advantage of using Bitcoin at betting sites?

Bitcoin Soccer

Absolutely! Let’s take a look at several benefits of making crypto bets rather than gambling with cash.

Fast Payments and Cashouts – The most frustrating part of playing at a Bitcoin casino or online sportsbook is making a quick deposit. If your casino happens to accept your payment method, it could take hours or even days to post. With Bitcoin, you don’t have this problem as payments post in no more than 20 minutes.

The same is also true for withdrawals. When you’re ready to cash out, you’ll commonly get paid in about 20 minutes or less. If manual processing is required, you’ll still get your funds in 24 hours. This is much faster than most casinos, which can take from 3 days to two weeks to pay out.

Greater Acceptance – Depending on your location, the options for deposits and withdrawals may be limited. There are no restrictions on Bitcoin transactions since you send funds directly from your wallet. Casinos do not need third-party transfer agents to accept payments, allowing them to accept crypto payments easily. In some cases, Bitcoin may be your only way to play at an online sportsbook.

Zero Fraud – Are you worried about identity theft or funds being intercepted by hackers? With Bitcoin, you won’t have these problems. Bitcoin is transferred using Blockchain technology, the most secure way to pay at online casinos. It is unhackable, meaning your money cannot be intercepted, and your personal information is protected.

Zero Fees – How much does it cost to make a deposit or cash out with Bitcoin? Nothing. Since casinos do not have to hire transfer agents for payments, they can offer zero-fee transfers to players. This can save you a ton of money long-term as most casinos charge from 2.5 to 5 percent for fiat payments.

Type of Soccer Bets Available

Depending on which sportsbook you use, either football betting or soccer betting will be available. For US sportsbooks, football will refer to American football, also known as the NFL. For European sportsbooks, football betting is soccer betting.

You’ll find a wide variety of bets at Bitcoin soccer betting sites. Here are the different bets you can place:

Moneyline – This is the most straightforward bet where you’re betting on who will win a match.

Correct Score – Since soccer matches are low scoring, fans like to bet on the exact score of games. These are smaller variance bets with the best odds on atypical scores.

Goals Betting – For this bet, you’re wagering on how many goals will be scored between the two teams.

Half-Time / Full-Time Betting – If you like to bet on the exact score, you’ll love these bets. You can bet on what the score will be at Half-Time or Full-Time. This is not the same as correct score bets.

Prop Betting – Many non-standard pets will fit in this category. With prop bets, you can bet on things from the number of penalty kicks taken to which players will get a red card and more.

Parlays – You can bet on multiple soccer matches at once with parlays. To win, every team must win. These are very lucrative bets.

Futures – You’re betting on future events such as who will win the Premier League or which teams will advance to the Elimination Round of the World Cup.

How to Bet on Soccer With Bitcoin

Before signing up at sports betting sites accepting Bitcoin, you need to download a Bitcoin wallet and buy some Bitcoin. The process is easy but can be a bit confusing for newbies. Don’t worry; we have a guide to buying Bitcoin that will walk you through the process.

After buying some Bitcoin, it is time to sign up at a Bitcoin soccer betting site. After you register for your account, you will then start the process of sending Bitcoin. Just head to the cashier, select Bitcoin, and enter how much you wish to transfer. The site will tell you the exact amount of Bitcoin to send and provide you with a crypto address to send the payment to.

Once you send your funds, you will then be able to start betting with Bitcoins. If your site allows BTC betting, you will be able to bet on soccer with Bitcoin using satoshis or mBTC. For websites that are Bitcoin-friendly, your Bitcoin will be converted into USD, EUR, or the primary fiat currency for the site. You can then bet on soccer games using fiat.

Choosing the Best Bitcoin Soccer Betting Site

Instead of telling you which site to choose for Bitcoin soccer betting, we will tell you what to look for when picking a Bitcoin sports betting site. Sites should have all of the following features:

Large Selection of Bets / Games – Your best casinos and sportsbooks will offer a robust selection for crypto bets. For soccer, you should be able to bet Bitcoin on the Premier League, Champions League, La Liga, the UEFA Europa League, and even Major League Soccer in the United States. It should also offer robust betting in other areas, including esports betting, betting on golf, and more.

Software – When you load a sportsbook, the software should look impressive and not like it was programmed in 1999. The top sites will offer software from premier software providers like Microgaming, SoftSwiss, NetEnt, and others.

Licensing – Want to get scammed? Play at an unlicensed website. Licensed sites have been vetted to determine that they are legitimate. If a site does not list licensing information, or that information looks suspicious, go elsewhere.

Support – At some point, we will have questions or problems at gambling sites. When that happens, you want a customer support staff that’s easy to reach. Websites that only offer email support should mostly be avoided. Stick with sites that provide 24-7 live chat support or telephone support.

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