Bitcoin UFC Betting Guide 2021

Bitcoin UFC Betting: Top Sportsbooks for Gambling on MMA

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is the premier MMA promotional company in the world. UFC fights draw massive crowds, and UFC pay per views always draw huge numbers. Bitcoin UFC betting is also big business as MMA fans look to back their favorite fighters.

Today, you’ll learn more about betting on MMA and how to bet Bitcoin on UFC fights. You’ll also learn about the type of UFC bets available and some tips for picking a top UFC betting site.

UFC Bitcoin Betting Sites 2021

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Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites & Reviews 2020

Why Bet Bitcoin on UFC

UFC fans are passionate about the sports and their favorite fighters. Bitcoin UFC betting gives fans a chance to be part of the action without taking a punch. Betting on UFC matches makes the fights more exciting and provides an extra adrenaline rush.Bitcoin UFC

Naturally, you could get the same rush by betting fiat currency on the UFC, but you wouldn’t get the added benefits you do when betting with Bitcoin. Here are some advantages of Bitcoin betting over using fiat.

Bet Anywhere – It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the United States or Hong Kong, if you want to bet on the UFC, you can do so with Bitcoin. You’re not required to flip-flop from one currency to another or worry about currency conversion rates. Just deposit your Bitcoin and start making bets.

Lightning Transactions – Some UFC fights are over before you can blink. That’s how Bitcoin works for payments. When you send money using Bitcoin, the online casino or sportsbook gets it almost immediately. The same is true when you’re ready to cash out. You get your money in just a few minutes rather than days or even weeks with fiat.

No Rules – The UFC is as close as you can get to legal “no holds barred” fighting. Bitcoin is a currency with no rules, meaning that you don’t have to worry about your money being controlled by the government or banks. The money stays in your wallet until you’re ready to send it, and no laws prevent you from depositing to a sportsbook with your Bitcoin.

Nobody Passes Your Guard – Bitcoin is the best way to protect your money when playing at online casinos. Blockchain technology is the ultimate guard for your funds. Nobody gets past the Blockchain, meaning your data cannot be hacked. It would be like someone off the street trying to fight Randy Couture in his prime. Nobody’s getting past that guard.

Types of UFC Bets Available

Betting on the UFC is much different than betting on professional boxing. Before you bet Bitcoin on UFC fights, it’s a good idea you understand the type of betting options available.

Moneyline – The purest form of Bitcoin UFC betting. You’re betting on who will win the fight.

Over – Under Rounds – You can bet on how many rounds you think the fight will last. Generally, the line is set at 2.5 rounds. If you think the fight will end sooner, you bet the under. When you feel the fight will go the distance or go into the later rounds in a 5-round championship fight, you bet the over.

Victory Bets – For this bet, you’re betting on the way a fight will end. If you think a fighter will win by submission, you can bet on that. Sometimes you can bet on the exact type of submission, such as an arm bar or rear-naked choke. Some sites will allow you to make a general victory bet on how a fight will end instead of how a fighter will end the match.

Prop Bets – There are a wide variety of proposition bets that you can place on fights that are not always dependent on who wins or loses. For example, you can bet on which fighter will land the most jabs or connect with the most kicks. You can also bet on how many takedowns a fighter will have or how many times a fighter gets mounted. Prop bets vary from site to site.

Parlay Bets – Similar to parlays in other sports, you are betting on multiple fights. You’re betting the winners and every fighter selected must win before the bet pays off.

How to Bet on the UFC With Bitcoin

Before you bet on UFC with Bitcoin, check out our guide on how to buy Bitcoin. We will walk you through the process of acquiring and storing your Bitcoin. If you already own Bitcoin, then you can go ahead and make your deposit.

First, select an online sportsbook and sign up for an account. After completing registration, it is time to make your deposit. Head to the Cashier section and click on Deposit. You will then select Bitcoin. If you want to deposit $50 worth of Bitcoin, enter $50 in the appropriate box. You will then be given the proper mBTC amount to send to the casino. You’ll also receive a Bitcoin address for where to send your crypto.

Once you send your Bitcoin, head back to the casino. Chances are your deposit is already active. If it isn’t, you may need to wait a few minutes for the transaction to finish validating. Once completed, you’re ready to make your first bet.

Keep in mind that some sports betting sites only allow bets in fiat. If this is the case, they will automatically convert your Bitcoin to fiat. You then make bets as usual. Most sites will allow you to bet on all UFC PPV fights along with UFC Fight Night events and the UFC on ESPN.

Picking the Best Bitcoin UFC Betting Sites

If you haven’t already selected a Bitcoin UFC betting site, check out our list of preferred sites. When picking a sports betting site, there are several things to look for. Top betting sites should have the following features.

Choice – There’s nothing worse than playing at an online casino or betting at a sportsbook with a small selection of games. The best sportsbooks will offer you the ability to bet on every upcoming and future UFC fight. You should also be able to be on other MMA promotions like Pride, Bellator, and ONE.

Software – The best MMA organizations succeed because they have the best fighters and invest money into the product. When picking a Bitcoin sportsbook, look for sites that feature software from top companies like Micrograming, SoftSwiss, and others. If the site looks cheesy, play elsewhere.

Licensing – UFC fights are licensed by local athletic commissions. If contests aren’t sanctioned, they don’t happen. The same should be true for your sportsbook. If your site is not licensed, it should be avoided.

Support – A fighter’s corner sometimes can make the difference in winning and losing. When gambling online, you want a reliable customer support team in your corner. Pick sites with 24-7 live chat or telephone support. Avoid websites that only offer email support as they don’t value their customers.

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