Dogecoin (DOG) is a cryptocurrency derived from Litecoins. You can always know more about Litecoin gambling. What makes this digital coin interesting is the fact that it uses a dog character from ‘Doge’ Internet meme as its symbol. More than that, just like any other alternative cryptocurrency, Dogecoin is created to reach a ‘broader demographic’ than bitcoins.

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Dogecoin Overview

Truth to be told Dogecoin is already as popular as Bitcoin, Litecoin, or other alternative coins online. In a perspective, it is still immature compared to alternative cryptocurrencies that have already been established for years. Nonetheless, it has never been a limitation for Dogecoin to gather the interests of cryptocurrency users and enthusiasts. It is one of the newest cryptocurrencies having been introduced on December 6, 2013; however, it already outshined other alternative currencies that have long been established.


 Dogecoin Features

  • It uses a scrypt technology in its proof-of-work-algorithm that allows users to mine block without using specialized mining equipment.
  • The Dogcoin network produces one block in just 60 seconds. This block time is indeed faster compared to Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dash.
  • The network is expected to produce 100 billion DogeCoins, which made this alternative cryptocurrency striking.

How to Gamble with Dogecoin

Cryptocurrencies are the best payment solution for online gambling and Dogecoin is no exception. Yes, though it wasn’t long since this digital coin has been introduced, it has easily been included on the list of cryptocurrencies accepted by online gambling sites.

Dogecoin (DOG) gambling is new; however, numerous players are taking a step forward to experience what this exciting domain can provide. As a matter of fact, you will be amazed that there are already casinos, poker sites, and other gambling platforms solely powered by Dogecoin. In addition, this virtual coin has been one of the most common cryptocurrency supported by gambling sites accepting digital currencies as payment methods. Given this, Dogecoin gambling has still more to offer in the long run.

Gambling Sites Accepting Dogecoin

  • Dogecoin Dice — Dogecoin Dice a.k.a. RollTheCoin is one of the premier sites where bettors can bet their dogecoins with the lowest house edge of 0.98%. Reminscent of PrimeDice, this Dogecoin casino can be the easiest place for everyone to gamble one of the most dynamic cryptocurrency.
  • DogecoinMachine —  For online slots aficionados, DogecoinMachine is one of the first sites to deal with the great alternative cryptocurrency. With anticipation of accepting other cryptocurrencies in the future, this Dogecoin gambling game offers a lot of fun already.
  • Pokershibes — Pokershibes has a rewards program that highlights the use of Moon Points, which can only be collected from playing raked ring games and tournaments. Surely, this Dogecoin gambling site is one of the cryptocurrency sites to watch. 

Dogecoin gambling is very similar to Bitcoin gambling. The first thing you must have is, of course, a Dogecoin wallet. It can be downloaded for free in Dogecoin website. Just like bitcoins, you can acquire them in trading markets. You can also opt to mine to receive 500,000 coins as a reward. When you get your Dogecoins, you can instantly get started at any gambling sites accepting Dogecoin instantly and anonymously. The deposit and withdrawal processes are just the same with bitcoins so everything is fast and easy.

Though Dogecoin gamble is novel, it has a lot to offer especially in online gambling. This alternative cryptocurrency provides promising features so definitely, it has something to offer to boost your online betting experience.

Popular Dogecoin Gambling Sites 2020

  1. Wheel of Doge
  2. Dogecoin Dice
  4. DiceCoin
  5. 999Dice

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