BreakoutCoin Gambling is the latest craze in the world of online gambling using cryptocurrencies instead of real money. Similar to how other digital currencies can be used for specific kinds of online betting, gambling with Breakoutcoin uses the newest member of the ever-growing family of cryptocurrencies, BRK.

BreakoutCoin or more commonly called BRO coin will soon be used as the primary means to wager and to enjoy all the exciting online gambling services offered on the BRK Gaming platform. It will be the exclusive cryptocoin ever to be used on the extensive range of games and other gambling services, which means that no other digital currency—not even the popular Bitcoin—will be used to start a game or two on a Bitcoin casino. After all, BRO coin is the exclusive coin that is and will always be unique to Breakout Gaming.

BreakoutCoin (BRO) Features:

  • It is based on CryptoNote, which uses an open-source technology. In fact, BRO coin is a clone of this cryptocurrency.
  • It is a hybrid of Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Bergstake (PoB).
  • It has a block time target of 3 minutes.
  • More than 200 million coins will be produced.
  • The PoW phase of 2 years will see 7 million coins released to the public with approximately 19.98 BRO as block reward.
  • The PoB Phase is expected to yield 2 million coins per year with an average block reward of 11.42 BRO.

BreakoutCoin (BRO) Gambling

Unlike the other digital currencies that are commonly used as wagers like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin on any cryptocurrency casino online, BRO coin will never be used as a substitute for any other coins and vice versa. The sole purpose of BRO coin is to keep the BRK Gaming platform up and running, serving as the only currency that can be used to operate the poker game, the 80+ casino games, and other gambling services offered.

Aside from the usual gambling activities on the web, BRO coin will also enable players from across the globe—including those in the US—to bet on the Fantasy sports hosted on the gaming platform.

Furthermore, BreakoutCoin gambling becomes more accessible and convenient because BRO coin has its own online exchange, strategically built inside the gaming platform. This allows trading cryptocurrency pairs of BTC/BRO and LTC/BRO, and will eventually adopt other digital currencies like Dash, Dogecoin and Peercoin on the exchange.

Breakout Coin gambling is promising in so many different ways that many are eager to get their hands on some BRO coins to begin playing a wide gamut of online gambling offerings like the traditional poker and casino games, as well as the innovative Fantasy eSports.

With BRO coin, your online gambling is guaranteed to be revolutionized.

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