Video poker is a staple of all live and online casinos. With origins dating back to the mid-1970s, the game has proven popular with poker and slot enthusiasts alike. Nowadays, the majority of online casinos offer video poker, including Bitcoin online casinos. Bitcoin video poker is a staple of these casinos, and some games offer a lower house edge than even blackjack.

On this page, you’ll learn more about Bitcoin video poker, including how to play video poker, how to find the best video poker games, and how the game differs from standard online poker. You’ll also learn how to further reduce the house edge when playing video poker at Bitcoin casinos.

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What is Bitcoin Video Poker?

Bitcoin Video Poker is essentially a video slot version of the classic poker game of Five Card Draw. You are presented with a five-card poker hand and get the chance to choose whether to exchange cards. You can trade up to five cards. After the exchange, your hand is compared to a payout chart to determine any winning hands. Video poker payouts are based on standard poker hands with a pair of jacks or better generally being the lowest paying hand.

Bitcoin poker chips

Playing a video poker hand is easy. Before receiving cards, you will choose how many coins you can bet. Generally, you can bet between 1 and 5 credits. Betting the max is referred to as max credits. If you bet max credits, the hand is automatically dealt. Otherwise, you must click the deal button to receive cards.

After you receive five cards, you will decide how many cards to exchange. Click on the cards you wish to keep to Hold them in place. Then click on the Draw or Deal button to exchange cards. New cards will be dealt, and any payouts will then be paid according to the paytable.

Below is a standard video poker paytable for Jacks or Better video poker when max credits are played:

  • Royal Flush – 4,000
  • Straight Flush – 250
  • Four of a Kind – 125
  • Full House – 45
  • Flush – 30
  • Straight – 20
  • Three of a Kind – 15
  • Two Pair – 10
  • High Pair of Jacks or Better – 5

Once any winnings are paid, you can play the next hand. This continues until you decide to quit or you run out of money.

Video Poker Variants

Like most Bitcoin casino games, video poker has many variants you’ll find at Bitcoin online casinos. Here are some of the more common video poker variants you’ll see:

  • Bonus Poker – Similar to Jacks or Better but with additional payouts for four deuces, threes, fours, and aces.
  • Double Bonus Poker – Similar to Bonus Poker but higher payouts for four of a kind hands and lower payouts on two pair.
  • Double Double Bonus Poker – Similar to Double Bonus but with special payouts for certain four of a kind hands. Four aces with a 2, 3, or 4 pay half the amount of a Royal Flush.
  • Joker Poker – Video poker game that includes a joker. Five of a kind is a possible hand.
  • Deuces Wild – Video poker where deuces are wild. Must make a three of a kind hand or better to make a winning hand.

Video Poker Paytables and Strategy

Like standard poker, you can improve your odds of winning in a couple of ways. The first is by paying attention to the paytable of the game. To decipher a game’s paytable, look at the payouts for a single credit. Pay attention to how much a full house and flush pays. You’re looking for games that pay 9 for a full house and at least 6 for a flush. This is often referred to as a 9-6 video poker machine.

When picking games, you want to stick with games around 9-6 and no worse than 8-5. You can look at paytables without playing a single hand. Just load the video poker game and click on Paytable or Help to access the game’s paytable. You can do some research online to find the payout percentages of games. Picking the best paytable will help you find games that offer a higher RTP. In some cases, you can even locate machines that are Full Pay video poker machines, meaning that the machine theoretically pays back at least 100% of all money played.

However, there is a catch to this. To maximize your advantage, you must execute your plays perfectly. A perfect strategy is required to maximize your payouts. There are many video poker charts and trainers that you can access online to teach you perfect strategy for free. Keep in mind that perfect strategy is not “one size fits all.” Each game has its individual strategy. Playing Jacks or Better strategy will not work for Double Bonus poker games or Deuces Wild video poker.

The great thing about combining paytables with perfect strategy is that you can significantly reduce and even eliminate the house edge on most video poker games. The house edge is on 9/6 video poker is just 0.46% with perfect strategy. This varies based on paytables and games selected, but you can use these tools to keep the house edge low.

Differences Between Video Poker and Traditional Poker

Many people mistake video poker for online poker. They are two very different games. Here are the main difference between Bitcoin video poker and traditional online poker

No Opponents – Video poker is more akin to Bitcoin slots than traditional poker. You don’t play against other opponents or even a dealer. You draw hands to try and make a winning combination.

No Betting – Video poker does not require a bunch of betting or raising like standard poker. You wager from 1 to 5 credits in most cases and then receive your cards. No other betting occurs during a hand. Payouts are based on a multiplier of your bets like table games or slots.

Poker Cards with a Bitcoin

No Rake – Unlike traditional poker, a video poker game does not collect rake. That’s because it plays like a slot machine. The casino will make a ton of money off video poker players without ever needing to collect rake.

Fixed Limits – Video poker games allow you to select a fixed betting limit for your session. While many games default to .25 per credit, you can play for a little as .01 up to $5 per credit. That’s .05 to $25 per hand. You know how many hands you can play when you sit down to a game with a little simple math.

Better Rewards – If you sign up for online casino bonuses, you’ll find that rewards are easier to earn with video poker than with standard poker. That’s because rewards are based on how much you bet rather than the amount of rake collected.

Many More Variants – Even the best Bitcoin Poker sites are limited in the number of poker game variants offers. The average online casino will offer up to a dozen or more video poker variants, always giving you something new to try.

Top Bitcoin Video Poker Casinos

If you’re new to playing Bitcoin video poker, don’t worry! It’s not that tough. All you need to do is find the top Bitcoin online casinos, and we’re here to help. When looking for a Bitcoin online casino, there are a few things to consider. Let’s take a look at a few of those things:

Deposits and Withdrawals – Obviously, you want casinos that accept Bitcoin, but the best casinos will take Bitcoin deposits without fees. They will also allow you to deposit using Altcoin. When it is time to cash out, you want a casino that doesn’t charge fees on withdrawals.

Gaming – Online casinos should offer a wide selection of online casino games. Many casinos stick with Bitcoin slots and a handful of table games. You want a casino that offers a wide variety of table games along with Live Dealer games and a solid selection of video poker variants like Double Bonus video poker.

Bonuses – The best Bitcoin casinos offer generous deposit bonuses. Welcome bonuses are generally larger than fiat casinos. Also, they should offer a selection of reload bonuses and ongoing promotions. Wagering requirements should be low, and video poker should contribute more than 10% to the wagering requirement.

Support – The best online casinos offer superior customer service. They should offer a robust help section that includes live chat support and even phone support.
If you’re uncertain of where to start, check out Best Bitcoin Video Poker Sites listed above. All of these sites offer Bitcoin video poker and a superior online casino gaming experience.

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