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Bitcoin and Betting on Baseball (MLB Bitcoin Betting Guide 2021)

Betting on baseball is nothing new, but tech-savvy gamblers have taken a different spin on the concept. Bitcoin, or BTC, has become more popular with each passing day and professionals are taking the cryptocurrency into the MLB arena to start winning big. Gamblers interested in exploring digital dollars and those already into sports betting need to understand a few things about bitcoin baseball betting before putting their hands, and their bank accounts, into the mix.

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MLB Betting Basics

The primary strategy for baseball is to bet on the Moneyline. Basically, professionals make their picks for who wins the game, plain and simple. The risks involved are based around favorites, which always have a lower payout than bets placed on the underdog. For example, New York vs Boston may run -200 to +150 respectively, with Tampa being the favorites as denoted by the minus sign. This yields a payout of only $100 for a $200 bet on the Yankees while betting $100 on the Red Sox will win $150.

Other options for MLB gambling include the Runline and Totals. Think of runline bets like the points spread in other sports. With a 1.5 run over/under, the mainline favorites could find themselves as the underdogs, giving stats-oriented gamblers more insight into a profitable payout. Totals betting plays just like it sounds. Professionals try to estimate the combined total runs, so an over/under of 10.5 on a game where both teams score 11 runs all together would win on a bet made OVER the total.

Betting on Sports with Bitcoin

Bitcoin sports betting

Learn why Bitcoin is a great option for betting on sports in 2020 and why many bettors now prefer to deposit with cryptocurrency instead of fiat.

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Breaking the Bitcoin Bank

Since there are so many sites that let you place conventional MLB bets, it makes a gambler wonder why they should look at Bitcoin in the first place. As a newer form of universal currency, it seems counterproductive to learn about and implement different methods of placing wagers than the normal dollar-based systems. There are several advantages to cryptocurrencies in general which can be even more beneficial to those looking to use it on the MLB gambling field.

Bitcoin is safer: Cryptocurrencies are generally more secure, and bitcoin is one of the most recognizable of the lot. Opting to gamble with bitcoin will help make sure your funds stay where you want them, namely in your virtual wallet.

It’s decentralized: No bank owns bitcoin, and since it isn’t backed by a corporation or a credit company, transactions won’t be refused. In other words, no financial institution can block payments to or payouts from a gambling site.

It’s prioritized: In comparison to checks, wire transfers and credit exchanges, bitcoin is given top priority for transactions. Your payouts will come through right away with nothing blocking or delaying them.

Once you’ve decided that bitcoin is the way to go, take the next step and fund your gambling site account with BTC. Your funds will automatically be converted into USD upon deposit and will return to the BTC format once you get that big payout. Also, it’s a good idea to use your own Bitcoin wallet instead of an exchange. Exchanges have a habit of getting hacked and personal wallets are much safer if you have a large amount of cryptocurrency.

Places To Go, Bets To Make

Choosing a gambling site that accepts bitcoin is the next big step. Make sure you choose a reputable one, just like you would if your hard-earned cash was on the line. Top websites include:

  • Bovada – One of the top sites around for sports betting, they cover every major league and college sport you can think of and even some that you didn’t know existed.
  • Cloudbet – While other sites offer first-time deposit and betting perks, none come close to their 100% deposit bonus up to 5 BTC.
  • FortuneJack – This site offers a nice welcome package and slick interface while also accepts seven other cryptocurrencies as well.

It’s also a good idea to stay clear of companies that only accept bitcoin as well since businesses that trade with a variety of currencies are usually better established and backed by more than virtual offerings.

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