Bitcoin Lottery Review

Bitcoin Lottery Review

Bitcoin Lottery Overview

‘Play games with your coins!’ Bitcoin Lottery is sure to offer not only lottery with bitcoins but also Bitcoin blackjack. This bitcoin betting site provides only bitcoin as its main payment method and English as the only language being supported. More than that, while enjoying the fun of playing these Bitcoin casino games, you can have the chance to earn more as a bitcoin faucet is also provided in the site.

In Bitcoin Lottery, you have three types of tickets to choose from labeled with #1, #2, and #3. These tickets are the same in terms of numbers needed for the drawing to start, wherein 20 tickets must first be completed. However, these tickets vary when it comes to the ticket cost and of course, amount of winnings. In the Lottery #1, a ticket amounts 0.01 BTC wherein you can win 0.195 BTC. Lottery #2’s ticket costs 0.02 BTC with winnings of 0.39 BTC. And lastly, Lottery #3’s ticket is worth 0.03 BTC wherein you can earn 0.0585 BTC.

On the other hand, the Bitcoin Blackjack offered at Bitcoin Lottery can be played for fun or for real bitcoins. If you opt for the first one, you are given a balance of 25 BTC which you can use to play the game for free. On the other hand, if you want real bitcoin win, you can easily switch to ‘Play for Real Bitcoin’. The maximum bet is 5 BTC and the minimum bet is 0.0001 BTC. This card game offered in this site plays 3:2 and ‘Split’ is only allowed once.

To start winning at Bitcoin Lottery, registration must be first accomplished. In order to do this, you have to provide your username, password, and email address. A captcha image must also be entered correctly before you can finally get done with this step. In logging in for the first time, you can opt to have an OTP (one-time password) Token to increase safety and security with your account. Adding funds to your account is the next thing you must do. You can easily get done with this by just sending amounts of bitcoins to the wallet address provided. After this, you can enjoy, play, and win at any games offered in this site.

In terms of the ‘Bitcoin Faucet’ offered, all you have to do is go to the ‘Faucet’ page. Simply click the ‘Free Bitcoins’ button and you will instantly receive a small portion of a bitcoin. Based on the site, the current payment is 1BTC and it will be instantly credited to your ‘ Wallet’. You can come back every six hours to earn more bitcoins.

Definitely, Bitcoin Lottery is a typical Bitcoin gambling site. It offers lottery with bitcoins with added variety as well as simple Bitcoin Blackjack. Also, just like other sites, it offers convenient way to start and transact as they utilizes bitcoins. However, it provides an opportunity to earn more with the ‘Bitcoin Faucet’ it has. Want to try its bitcoin games and most certainly bitcoin faucet? Know more about Bitcoin Lottery here.

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