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Get a lucky 9 for a sure win! That’s what every Baccarat player wants to see. Baccarat is one of the most popular online casino games out there. The reason behind its fame, aside from its simplicity, is the fact that it has one of the lowest house edges among other casino games with only about 1.17 percent. And now, due to the popularity of cryptocurrency, players can now increase their digital bankrolls with Bitcoin Baccarat.

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Baccarat Rules

In terms of rules and strategies, Bitcoin Baccarat similar to what you’ll see in Punto Banco games in live casinos around the world. The only difference is that you are betting with Bitcoin rather than fiat currency. The rules of the game are simple. The main goal is to catch a hand at or near 9.

Initially, each player will be given two cards. Point totals are then calculated. For card values, cards from 2-9 retain their face value. Face cards and 10s count as zero and Aces are 1 point. If your hand has the cards with a total of 8 or 9, that is considered “natural,” and there is no need to draw another card.

On the other hand, if the card’s total is more than 9, only one digit is counted. For example, if you have a 9 and a 7, your total is 16. The 1 is dropped, and your total is six. When your hand is above 5, you will stand. If the hand is between 0 and 5, you will get a third card. If you take a third card, your card total is then calculated.

Afterward, the Banker (Dealer) will act. When the player hand doesn’t take a third card, the Banker will stand on anything above 5 and draw on everything else. If the player does take a third card, the Banker will draw based on the which card pops up as the third card:

9 through Ace – Banker draws on everything under 4.
8 – Banker only draws on 0 through 2.
6 or 7 – Baker stays on 7 only
4 or 5 – Banker draws on 0 through 5.
2 or 3 – Banker stays on 5 and above.

If your eyes just glossed over a bit, don’t worry. You don’t have to remember any of those rules. That’s because the only action you will take in a Baccarat game is placing your bets. You will bet on whether the Player will win a hand, the Dealer will win a hand, or if there is a tie.

Baccarat Variants

While many casinos offer standard Baccarat, there are several variations to the game. Today we will give you the most common version of the game you will see.

Mini Baccarat – A common variation of Baccarat that is played with eight decks of cards instead of six like is used with most online Baccarat games. The game plays the same as standard Baccarat, but the bets are much smaller. This is essentially the low stakes version of Baccarat.

Chemin De Fer – This game is a French variant where players take turns being the Banker. The game is played with six decks of cards. Also, cards are dealt face down. The decision to take a third card is the player’s to make. This game involves more player participation, so make sure you brush up on the game’s rules above.

EZ Baccarat – Quicker version of Baccarat with no commission. It also has two side bets – Dragon 7 and Panda 8. Side bets have a massive house edge

Baccarat Odds and Payouts

Baccarat payouts are simple to remember. The payouts are 1:1 on Player and Banker bets and 8:1 on Tie bets for standard Baccarat games. Tie bets are the hardest to hit, therefore the higher odds.

Note that many Baccarat games require that you pay a commission on banker bet winnings. This is generally 5%. The best way to tell if you’re paying a commission is to look at the odds. If the table lists the general payout for banker wins as 0.95 to 1, you will win .95 on the dollar with .05 being paid as a commission. You generally do not pay commission on player wins. All of this is done automatically, so you don’t have to worry about doing any math. Math is hard.

Simple Baccarat Strategy

Baccarat is one of the easiest games to learn strategy for. That’s because it is a statistical fact that the Banker will win the majority of the time. As such, the best strategy is to always bet on the banker. Even with a commission, you will still win more money over the long term.

Some of you are probably wondering whether to use Baccarat betting systems in conjunction with your Baccarat betting strategy. While it may be tempting to use a betting system like the Martingale system, a flat betting system is how to play Baccarat and win.

The main advantage of this system is that you limit your losses when you do lose. Of course, you will limit the amount you win each time. However, this strategy will result in the most consistent wins and lower bankroll variance.

Also, don’t worry about any form of card counting strategies with Bitcoin Baccarat or any form of digital card games. That’s because a Random Number Generator deals the cards, and decks are shuffled each hand.

Reasons Why you must Play Bitcoin Baccarat

Online gambling sites were among the first adopters of Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency. As such, the number of Bitcoin Baccarat games has grown over the years. Playing Baccarat with Bitcoin has several advantages to fiat betting. Let’s take a look at a few.

Simple to Play – Easy to Win

All Baccarat versions are simple to play, and players can learn the game in a couple of minutes. The simplest way to win is to follow a flat betting strategy that will win you small but consistent wins over time.

Bitcoin Faucets – Play for Free

Many Bitcoin online casinos offer a faucet to players. This gives players a small amount of Bitcoin they can use to play Bitcoin Baccarat or other real money online casino games. You won’t get rich from a faucet, and the number of times you can claim will be limited. However, faucets are a great way to try out a casino and get your bankroll started.

Anonymous Betting

Bitcoin casinos offer the ability to register and play anonymously. At most, you will have to enter an email address to secure your account. You can then fund your account with Bitcoin and then play with it online. This is not the case with fiat casinos or Bitcoin-friendly casinos that require you to submit personal information and verify your identity.

Fast Payments

Bitcoin players will enjoy the fastest in transactions, with most deposits crediting to your account in just a couple of confirmations. In some cases, you can pay a fee to have it process instantly. When it is time to cash out, you can generally cash out in a few minutes. At worst, you will wait 24 hours for manual processing, which is still much faster than fiat casinos, which can take from 72 hours to two weeks to process a withdrawal request.

Lower House Edge and Provably Fair Gaming

Due to reduced costs, most Bitcoin casinos offer a house edge that’s significantly lower than standard online casinos. On average, the house edge is around 1%.

Also, Bitcoin casinos are generally Provably Fair. Provably Fair is an algorithm used for Bitcoin games to verify the gaming data for every bet. You can look back on every Baccarat bet placed to ensure that it was fair. Some sites will even release the code for their scripts, giving even greater transparency.

Choosing the best bitcoin casino that offers Bitcoin baccarat is essential. Only the cream of the crop can give you the best experience when playing Baccarat with Bitcoin. To get you started in this process, check out our reviews for and CoinRoyaletwo quality casinos that provide a superior Bitcoin Baccarat experience.

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