Novacoin (NVC) is considered the first ‘PPC fork’; however, it is not a clone. Just like Peercoin, this cryptocurrency is a hybrid scrypt Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake that operates with no central authority. However, Novacoin offers several changes specifically in the technical aspects, which separates it from PPCoin.

Features of Novacoin (NVC)

  • Novacoin has no hard cap except for the 2 billion coin max that has been entered only for coding purposes. However, this ‘no hard cap’ feature can be lifted in the future if needed.
  • This cryptocurrency offers slower reward drop for miners.
  • It uses scrypt hashing so it can be mined by CPU and GPU. No need for expensive specialized mining machines just like what is used in mining bitcoins.
  • The current exchange rate of Novacoin is almost as expensive as Litecoin; hence, there is a potential of it bringing good income.

Novacoin (NVC) gambling

Novacoin is not a new thing online having been brought to reality almost a year ago. There are numerous online platforms that accept this cryptocurrency as a payment method and these include online gambling sites. However, Novacoin (NVC) gambling is not as popular as Bitcoin gambling or even Litecoin gambling. In fact, gambling Dogecoin is more famous even it has been newly created and introduced.

There are two main gambling portals that provide Novacoin (NVC) gambling:

  • Winvery Casino – This cryptocurrency casino supports Novacoin along with other alternative coins. It is known for a variety of casino games especially card games like Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, and more.
  • SatoshiRoulette – NVC is one of the five alternative cryptocurrencies that this site accepts. It offers casino games such as Roulette, Slots, Mini Dice, Coin Flip, Slots, and more.

Betting with Novacoins is as easy as 1, 2, and 3. The first thing you have to secure is a Novacoin wallet of course. After getting your wallet address, you can definitely get NVCs in two ways, purchasing them in trading markets or by mining. Once you have good amount of Novacoins, go immediately to a Novacoin gambling site of your choice. Deposit to your account by sending sums of NVCs to the wallet address provided. On the other hand, withdrawal process is also speedy that you just have to wait for few minutes to enjoy your payouts.

It is true that Novacoin gambling is still on its ‘baby steps’. But definitely, with the Novacoin price rising beside Litecoin and hopefully Bitcoin price tide, gambling with NVCs will surely be a ubiquitous thing online sooner rather than later.

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