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UpDown is a Bitcoin binary options site that enables clients to benefit financially from the 60 seconds binary options trading service it offers. Quickly becoming popular online, trading binary options using bitcoins is definitely one of the new ways to generate more of this popular digital currency. That is why it has become increasingly evident that more people are starting to resort to Bitcoin binary options trading. Therefore, those who also want to take good advantage of the opportunities presented in this site should check out the features that will further make the trading experience here worthwhile.

UpDown definitely knows how to grab the attention of Bitcoin users because it has designed its interface to use highly attractive colors that help create a modern and stylish atmosphere. Employing tiles for each of its assets, the site manages to present real-time charts that show the behavior of each of the asset’s price, giving traders an overview of how volatile or stable the asset prices they wish to invest in are.

However, the real wonder here is the method traders can invest in these assets. All tiles will have two positions: up and down. For each position, a unique wallet address and QR code are provided, which means that each tile or asset will feature a pair of wallet addresses, one for the up position and the other for the down position. With this, what traders need to do is to simply take note of the receiving wallet address of their chosen position for their preferred asset and send bitcoins to invest.

Once the transaction is completed, traders must now wait for a minute for the results. In order to view the result for each trade, simply bring the mouse cursor to the Transactions Processed section and a list of all the transactions, including the address, amount, asset, and prices, will be shown.

What is absolutely great about UpDown is the fact that all transactions finish in just 60 seconds, giving traders more time to assess whether or not they will need to invest more in certain assets to generate profit gains. This also benefits traders in a way that they can have as many transactions as their Bitcoin wallet allows them to within a few seconds.

Moreover, all the payouts from successful trades will be sent directly to the Bitcoin wallet address used to invest in that transaction. In this way, the transfer of funds is instant and is free of any transaction fee.

Indeed, UpDown is a visually attractive Bitcoin binary options trading site that features an exciting and profitable way to earn bitcoins. Therefore, those who wish to win payouts in just one minute should definitely give this a shot. However, it would be helpful to have knowledge and understanding of 60 seconds binary options trading in order to minimize the risks of losing bitcoins.

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