Bitcoin Sports Trade Contributes to the Growth of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Sports Trade

New Bitcoin Sportsbook features an innovative platform that promotes Bitcoin growth within and beyond the online gaming industry.

With more than half of the overall Bitcoin economy backed by this thriving sector, Bitcoin Sports Trade CEO Tyler Wilson views this virtual currency as a good financial investment, banking on the peer-to-peer concept he fully supports.

According to Wilson, investing in this virtual currency, specifically in the online gambling industry, presents an opportunity for Bitcoin to continuously grow. Much more if the strict US regulations on Bitcoin gambling favor this endeavor.

This led to his motivation to create an online Bitcoin gaming business that aims to unify sports wagering communities online that are based from all over the world—the Bitcoin Sports Trade.

Bitcoin Sports Trade, a head-to-head bet matching platform, is an online sportsbook that uses the Bitcoin technology to completely empower the bettors by giving them control over their betting sessions through free-market wagering.

Different from how the common Bitcoin sports betting sites function, this sportsbook enables its clients to create their own betting lines, which will serve as the basis of the bet matching feature promoted by this Bitcoin sportsbook as compared to the set, book-imposed odds that maintain the house edge.

Wilson hints that by allowing the activities and demands of Bitcoin users to set the market, the digital currency will eventually experience more growth, making this concept a highly attractive option to further push the Bitcoin online economy to reach its maximum potential in the market.

However, online gambling can do so much.

Nonetheless, the initiative of Wilson’s Bitcoin Sports Trade will prove to be instrumental in the online gaming industry’s acceptance and promotion of the idea of market values that are influenced and set by the preferences of the actual Bitcoin users.

This, in return, is expected to generate the progress desired for the economy of Bitcoin in general.



One of the most respected influencers in the Bitcoin and online gambling arena, Chris Evans is the Business Development Manager of Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

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