FairProof CEO Eyes New Developments for the Year-Old Bitcoin Lottery


Bitcoin casinos fill the Bitcoin gambling market, highlighting the small number of platforms that feature Bitcoin lottery. Fortunately, FairProof, a Bitcoin lottery website launched in September of last year, continues to operate in the online gambling arena.

Randy Leon, CEO of FairProof, was kind enough to accommodate my questions about his brand, his plans, and his views on Bitcoin gambling.

Aside from the name, Randy, what makes FairProof unique and interesting?

We are different in many ways. Unlike many others brands we offer an attractive bonus system. FairProof accepts a lot of cryptocurrencies apart from Bitcoin. Our terms and conditions are very appealing to high-rollers of which we have quite a few.  Currently we offer three types of bonuses: no deposit, 2x deposit and bad luck bonus for high-rollers. Even if you have lost your shirt you’ll always have 20% kickback.

Can you tell me more about the software it uses?

Software is made by our team (2 core developers + designer + front end developer) from scratch. Currently only the desktop version is available, however the FairProof web site is adaptive to mobile devices resolution. We are planning for a mobile version in the foreseeable future.

I have been made aware that Bitcoin and Dogecoin are accepted here, but I’m curious about the other three altcoins.

We always keep an eye for the promising and highly demanded cryptocurrencies to add them into FairProof system. As of recently, we’ve added three CryptoNote-based coins, namely: Bytecoin, DuckNote and Monero.


You seem very open to cryptocurrencies, do you believe it will have a strong impact on our lives in the future?

I think cryptocurrencies is a next step for the world financial system and world economy as a whole. In five to ten years’ time, cryptocurrencies will be as common for people as credit cards and mobile phones are now.

How about the rise of Bitcoin, as well as the casino and gambling markets in general?

I see great potential in cryptocurrencies especially when it comes to casinos and gambling in general. BTC is leading the pack now but chances are that the other coins will be just as trendy in a few years.  The recent developments in gambling industry in the US and other western countries make it clear that cryptocurrencies will eventually displace or at least partially substitute fiat transactions.  It takes less than a minute to withdraw money from FairProof whereas a bank wire transfer may take up to a few weeks.

Indeed. When it comes to operating a business that runs on cryptocurrency, what are the common challenges you normally deal with?

First and foremost, the hackers’ attacks and rogue users trying to fraud the system. We are constantly improving the security of the website but the hackers tend to come up with something new like social engineering every time. Also the number of users is growing steadily so we have to deal with it by improving the architecture and purchasing new servers.

Are you confident, though, that FairProof is ready to withstand more challenges?

We’ve obtained a significant experience building FairProof from the scratch. Some mistakes have been made along the way and there have been attempts to hack the web site but we were able to overcome the difficulties. Having said that, we feel experienced enough to move on and open a new casino which we will do in a short time.

Open a new casino. Can you tell me more about that and your other plans?

We plan for further development of the lottery by adding new games, introducing new currencies and of course the mobile version of the web site has been long overdue. Due to a growing number of high-rollers on FairProof we’ve decided to launch a casino catering specifically to this type of users. Currently we’ve been busy working on our next project. It will be something huge, so stay tuned.

That is truly worth checking out. Is there anything else you want your potential markets to know?

Also we’ve developed unique affiliate program where you get 50% of profit from every winning player, who visits the website from a reef link. Every day we have more then 20 000 unique users attracted by this program. So we plan to improve our partnership program and to offer the best market conditions.

That’s great news, Randy, and thank you for your time!



One of the most respected influencers in the Bitcoin and online gambling arena, Chris Evans is the Business Development Manager of Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

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