Grabbing Coins for Bitcoin Gambling Can Be Done in 5 Quick Ways

Get Bitcoins

Bitcoin is less costly, more secure, neutral, and anonymous, and all these features seem to resonate with your ambitions, interests and beliefs. More importantly, you even look forward to playing or placing bets using the digital currency in a Bitcoin gambling site.

However, you are limited by the fact that you do not own any coins and consequently, you are left asking yourself: where can I get some bitcoins?

The following are some of the ways you can load your Bitcoin wallet and begin spinning the Bitcoin slots or betting on roulette, poker, or even sports:

Bitcoin ATMBuy from Bitcoin exchanges online

This is perhaps the most popular way of buying bitcoins. All you need to do is to visit a Bitcoin exchange, create an account, deposit some money, and find the right deal that suits your needs.

This option is often more expensive than the rest because the money you deposit for the purchase has to be wired through the traditional money remittance channels. Thus, this process may take some time. Nevertheless, there are several online exchanges available on the web, such as Bitstamp, Kraken, OKCoin, BTC-e, and Bitfinex, among others.

Mine bitcoins and join pools

This is where each Bitcoin is first earned, but what is mining?

Mining is availing hardware and software resources to the Bitcoin network for use in solving complex mathematical problems in the process of verifying transactions. Those who provide these resources are rewarded with new units of Bitcoin, which also serves as a way of creating new units.

In the beginning, this was an easy way to earn bitcoins. However, with time, it has become a complicated undertaking. You now require specialized and expensive hardware and software to start mining. The guy who wants to get bitcoins fast and cheaply does not bargain for these complications.

Bitcoin Exchange

Trading with people around you

This is perhaps the least complicated way to acquire Bitcoins. All you need to do is find someone near you with some coins and buy from them. However, this remains a challenge, especially in towns and cities with small Bitcoin communities.

Despite the small groups of local bitcoiners, there are websites that help facilitate such transactions by allowing users to post ads and find someone ready to trade nearby. However, while doing this, you have to be conscious of your physical security as well as guarding against becoming a victim of fraud.

Ask a debtor to pay in bitcoins

If you offer services or sell products, you may choose to ask your clients to pay you with Bitcoin. This is more practical if you provide services or sell products online since all you need to do is to have the digital currency as one of your accepted payment options.

It is a must to remember, though, that the Bitcoin price is often very volatile, and therefore, there is a risk of losing value as a result.

Visit a local Bitcoin ATM and buy crypto coins

Bitcoin ATMs like those of Robocoin, Lamassu and others are becoming common in major cities around the world. They are presenting an opportunity for people to buy bitcoins at lower rates than what exchanges offer. This is due to the fact that your money does not need to be wired through traditional financial institutions.

The process also takes a shorter time and is more secure than meeting someone you contacted online for a Bitcoin exchange transaction.

All these options may not be available to Bitcoin gambling enthusiasts across the globe, but it is guaranteed that at least a couple of these are. Granted that there are several ways one can acquire bitcoins, difficulties in buying the digital currency should not, therefore, be a hindrance to engaging in wagering bitcoins on online gambling platforms, be they a casino, a poker room, or a sportsbook.

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