North American Bitcoin Conference Sets Stage in Chicago

The North American Bitcoin Conference Chicago

The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNAKB) is set to hold a second conference in Chicago from July 19 to 20, six months after the successful staging of the Bitcoin event held in Miami.

Taking place at McCormick Place, thousands of Bitcoin enthusiasts and speculators are expected to attend the event based on the turnout for the previous convention and conference in Europe and in North America.

“Right now is a critical moment for Bitcoin,” read the statement posted on the official website of the event. “The world’s most independent currency just turned five and is entering a crucial phase in its development.”

During the two-day conference, world-class speakers composed of the biggest names in the industry, including bankers and regulators, will share their insights into the current state of Bitcoin, as well as the possible modifications and innovations that may materialize from this.

The key speakers include Roger Ver of Memory Dealers, Tony Gallipi and Jeff Garzik of BitPay, Peter Smith of Blockchain, and Jeffrey Tucker of Joining them to complete the agenda are various individuals from different sectors involved in the virtual currency.

Workshops and forums will also be staged for exhibitors, vendors, and Bitcoin startups while government officials, banks, and regulators will be present for the panel discussions.

Among the topics expected to be tackled are the regulation of the virtual currency, the future that awaits Bitcoin, and the different ways these innovations will benefit varying sectors, including Bitcoin trading, retailing, and even Bitcoin gambling.

With less than 50 days from the event, tickets have already been sold as early as April. In fact, early bird tickets were on sale since then, which ran until May 15 only. Regular tickets are currently on sale, and these can be purchased using Bitcoin or through the PayPal option available on the official website.

Forbes, Wall Street Journal, The Miami Herald, International Business Times, together with 32 other news agencies and websites covered the event in Miami earlier this year. With such media mileage, TNAKB in Chicago is expected to do the same, if not better.



One of the most respected influencers in the Bitcoin and online gambling arena, Chris Evans is the Business Development Manager of Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

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