BC Poker Review

BC Poker Review

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BC Poker Overview

Just like any other Bitcoin poker sites, anonymity is the number one feature that BC Poker had given emphasis together with its tournaments, cash games, sit-n-goes, as well as updated conversion rates in line with easy withdrawals. The only game that is available in this site follows the very gist of its name which is Poker, it is not specified if other varieties are available. Furthermore, in terms of the language being offered, English is the only one available in this site.

BC Poker

When it comes to payment method in BC Poker, no traditional currency is used as it transacts all its business by means of bitcoin. Basically, this site rotates and revolves around the axis of bitcoins.

BC Poker is also a site where you can mine good bonuses and promos. First is they have 10,000 chip bonus for those players who can hit a Royal Flush, if not, there is the second bonus, 5,000 chip bonus for those who hit a Straight Flush. Second is that you are going get a 100 Chip bonus on registration. Not only that, they also offer 2 freerolls every hour. Amazing isn’t it? In addition to that, they also have game which you can wager for as low as 0.000011 BTC.

To open an account in BC Poker, you just have to click the “create new” button. Then a player’s registration form will appear wherein you have to fill-in your username, real name, gender, location, password, e-mail address, then, choose your avatar. There is also an equation you have to solve just to make sure that the player trying to register is not a machine. After that, presto! Click “create account” and you already have your new BC Poker account.

In terms of information offered in the site, BC Poker provides more than enough information about bitcoins; from history up to why bitcoin is best to use in online poker. Read more information about Bitcoin gambling. Not only that, the explanation is equipped with video that’s why it’s impossible for you to leave the site without having a full grasp on bitcoin. In addition to that, in their website FAQ, most of the questions there are relevant and a must know for every online poker player. However, in contrast with the information they offer about bitcoins, other aspect about their site as well as instructions that novice players can use in playing their games are lacking.

The first thing you will notice by the time you entered BCPoker online is a big box containing only two things: Player Log In and a bit of the promotions offered. All the keywords the link the players to other information are placed above and good thing it is really noticeable. The background is the actual poker room. You will notice that it is like any other typical online poker room; the only positive thing is that it shows a picture of a real poker table adorned with stuffs like cigarettes and glasses of wine. Moreover, in terms of graphic design, BC Poker has a minimalist feel in all its sense.

Indeed, this site can be considered as good as any other typical bitcoin gambling sites; just that it provides varieties of games together with bonuses and promotions. Do you want to have a taste of this bonuses and promos? Read more about BC Poker now!

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