Bitcoin Poker Review

Bitcoin Poker Review

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Bitcoin Poker Overview

‘Free online Poker right from your browser’ – this is the number one feature Bitcoin Poker offers. Also, they have ‘no downloads’ and ‘registration required features’ to give you the utmost convenience of playing poker with bitcoins. This site provides the most popular Poker variant Texas Hold’em Poker and promised to launch more games like Pot-Limit Omaha as well as Sit-N-Go’s. And as what its name suggests, Bitcoin is the only payment method accepted and English is the sole language being supported. Knowing how to buy Bitcoin is easy and essential.

‘Play Money Tables’ and ‘Bitcoin Tables’ are the two types of tables you could choose from to play in Bitcoin Poker. In the former, you are given the opportunity to play Poker using play money. If you run out of play money, you just have to type the amount of play money you want to create and click ‘Update’. After this, presto! You just have unlimited play money. On the other hand, if you want more thrill and fun, you can opt for the latter wherein you have to bet and get the chance to win real bitcoins.

In Bitcoin Poker, your account was automatically created the first time you visited the site. By just enabling cookies, you can instantly log in each time you visit its browser. If you accidentally delete your cookies, you can still access your account by proving your identity through digitally signing a message using the bitcoin address you sent bitcoins from. In addition, to access your account in this site using different browser or other computer, you just have to bookmark the link given. This link must be secured well as it can be used by others to access your account.

To add funds in your account at Bitcoin Poker, you just have to send bitcoins to your personal ‘Deposit Address’. Take note that the maximum deposit here is 0.1 BTC as their software is still under active development. In addition to that, the minimum amount for both deposits and withdrawals is 0.1 BTC. Your bitcoins will be automatically converted to credits wherein 1 BTC is equivalent to 10,000 chips. It only takes typically about 10-15 minutes for your deposit to appear in your account as they require one confirmation from the bitcoin network; hence, the length of processing time may vary.

Furthermore, the game platform that Bitcoin Poker offers is simple and typical. You will just see a green rectangle and inside is the table where the cards are in, the players characterized by gun in a small circle, and all the buttons for playing decisions are provided below the platform. It could be more fun and exciting if they have added cool twists to it to invite more players in both of the table types offered.

Overall, Bitcoin Poker is an average Bitcoin gambling site. It offers full anonymity, ‘no downloads’ and ‘no account required’ features, as well as Play for free and Play for Tables. However, this brand still lacks in the aspect of game platform which is important in providing clients the finest gaming experience. Want to play Poker for free? Know more about Bitcoin Poker here.

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