Bitlotto Review

Bitlotto Review

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Bitlotto Overview

Bitlotto is a daily Bitcoin lottery that was launched last 2012. It has been in the industry for a quite a time until an issue was reported and hasn’t been cleared. After some time, they have returned with a claim that everything they offer this time is ‘new and improved’. And since the rule in this Bitcoin lottery site is ‘you’ve got to be in it, to win it’, you must first check over the features it offers.



Instant Betting

Making an account is a no-no at Bitlotto. The moment you enter the site, you can immediately purchase your lottery ticket and have the chance to get the life-changing jackpot. No questions asked or even personal urls to be saved. You can purchase your tickets by sending your payment to the wallet address provided. After this, you just have to wait until it receives a network confirmation for it to be added on the Jackpot balance.

Bitlotto House Edge is only 5%

At Bitlotto, the pot is divided into two parts – the 95% is for the Jackpot and the 5% will go to the house for paying the running cost and for some free raffles given in the site. It is actually lower compared to the house edge that other Bitcoin gambling sites offer.

Three Lucky Winners will be Chosen

The Jackpot will be divided in three main prizes, the first, second, and third prize. Hence, if you don’t hit the top spot, fret not because you still have chances to win the second or the third place. The first prize winner will receive 70% of the Jackpot while 10% of the players share 20% of the Jackpot as the second prize. Lastly, the third prize will be the 10% of the Jackpot that will be shared by 40% of the remaining players.

Buy Multiple Tickets in One Transaction

One lottery ticket at Bitlotto amounts 0.001 BTC. Aside from it’s at a reasonable price, you are also allowed to purchase numerous tickets that can be paid in just one transaction. Each transaction amount is divided by the cost of 1x ticket so you can increase your chances winning in just few simple clicks.

Payouts are Sent Immediately

If you have been a lucky winner, you can expect to receive your winnings almost instantly. It will be sent straightaway to the wallet address you sent your payments from so make sure that you only use compatible wallets in purchasing your lottery tickets.


Bitlotto is a good bitcoin lottery site based on the aforesaid features. However, it is always wiser to be cautious before having a go. This Bitcoin lottery platform has been in this industry for years, but just a friendly warning: It has failed to distribute payouts from March 2013. Given this, it is important to test the site first with small wagers and once you are guaranteed that it works well, you can of course take a plunge in it for chances to bring home the jackpot.

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