Blockchain Reaction Review

Blockchain Reaction Review

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Blockchain Reaction Overview

Blockchain Reaction is an innovative bitcoin gaming platform that offers a multiplayer board game. What makes this site interesting is the fact that you don’t need luck to win bitcoins since the game they have is 100% skill-based. In addition, they provide several advantages and features for you to enjoy a convenient and exciting Bitcoin gambling action.



Fun and Easy Bitcoin Board Game

Blockchain Reaction’s board game is never boring since you have to battle it out to win against other players. The objective of the game is to eradicate all other colors from the board. It is important that you understand the rules and steps on how to play the game for you to apply some strategies and make the smartest move. Worry not because everything is provided in their site. In fact, a demo is given wherein you can view and have a good grasp on the rules and how this bitcoin board game is played. On the other hand, a chat feature is provided for you to communicate with other players.

Free Games and Stakes Games 

You have two options to play this site’s 100% skill-based game, either in the ‘Free Games’ or ‘Stake Games’. If you are still new, it is ideal to choose the former since it will give you good opportunities of mastering the game, learning wise tactics, and of course, getting yourself acquainted with the gaming platform and control buttons. Once you are confident for the real thing, you can easily switch to the ‘Stake Games’. Take note that this is a multiplayer game so you have to check the required number of players before the match can begin together with the number of players that are already in the game.

How to Join a Stake Game?

To start playing and winning with Bitcoin, Blockchain Reaction requires you to make an account. You can easily get this step accomplished by providing details such as your withdrawal address, password, and username. Once your account is successfully done, you can send amount of bitcoins to the wallet address given. One network confirmation is required and you can check this out on your account. Lastly, you can choose a game you want to join in.

Is Blockchain Reaction a scam?

This Bitcoin gambling site is one of the newest kids on the block. Given this, it is normal that players might doubt of its reputation and you are no exception. However, if you go over the internet and look for complaints about this gaming platform, you will find not even a single allegation of it being scam. In fact, its existing players show satisfaction with Blockchain Reaction’s services and features. Most claim that the game is good, everything is convenient, and of course, payouts are received immediately.

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