Crypto Cee Lo Review

Crypto Cee Lo Review

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Crypto Cee Lo Overview

Crypto Cee-Lo is known to offer ‘the most advanced crypto-currency dice game on the internet’. It is one of the latest additions to the budding domain of Bitcoin dice sites online. It accepts both Bitcoin and Litecoin as payment methods and guarantees players of the following advantageous features:


Provably Fair System

To prove that it is impossible for them to cheat by manipulating your game results, they show their secret hashes to the public. This way, everyone has the chance to verify the fairness and validity of their game results. Verifying the integrity of the winning numbers is technical but they offer simple steps for you to get this done without being a computer genius or professional.

Crypto Cee Lo 1% House Edge

Crypto Cee-Lo offers only 1% house edge which the lowest of any reputable betting experience. With this feature, you have the chance to earn more and make your initial bets tenfold higher in no time.

Simple Way to Get Started

To start rolling their bitcoin dice, first thing you must accomplish is your account. Like most Bitcoin gambling sites, making an account in this dice platform takes less than a minute since the details required are just your username, password, and email address. After that you can make a deposit by sending bitcoins to the address provided which will be credited to your account after one network confirmation.

Fast-Paced and Advanced Bitcoin Dice Game

If you know how to play the typical dice game, you will never have a problem rolling this site’s dice. You have to choose the chance on certain range of numbers given. You can definitely control your own dice game as you can modify the win odds or bet amount based on your preference. In addition, you can certainly to choose to ‘Roll Over or Under’ on respective numbers in their dice percentile.

Almost Prompt Transactions

At Crypto Cee-Lo, making a deposit and withdrawal are just one click away. After doing the simple steps needed, you can sure fund your account and enjoy your payouts in just few minutes.

Simple Gaming Platform

The interface and the control buttons provided in this site are smooth and candid. Though the platform is plain and simple, it allows the dice game itself to appear less complicated, which contrast other dice sites that provide platforms bombarded with numbers. You can be assured that even you are new in playing dice with bitcoins or even new in this dice site, you can bet, roll the dice, and win nice.

Crypto Cee-Lo is new in the bitcoin space. Definitely, it offers great features that will give you great advantages to get that ultimate dice game experience. However, it is also important to be cautious in getting into this site by testing small amounts of bitcoins first. Know more about Crypto Cee-Lo.

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