Playbit Review

Playbit Review

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Playbit Overview

The world’s only HTML5 bitcoin poker site – this how PlaybitPoker is labeled as they offer Bitcoin poker in the browser with HTML5 technology; hence, there is no need for a download plus the fact that you can play their poker on any device. Moreover, compared to other poker sites that rakes up to 5 to 10%, their rake is only 1% so can keep almost all of your winnings.



PlaybitPoker offers only one game, Texas Holdem Poker. Furthermore, bitcoin is the only payment method here and English is the only language offered. To start the action in PlaybitPoker, there are seven simple steps for you to consider. First is of course, register by agreeing to their Terms and Conditions, as well as proving your username, email address, and password. You also need to enter the Captcha code to finish. Since you already have an account, the next for you is to go to your account page and copy your deposit address. Currently, this site is still in testing; hence, it does not yet accept real bitcoins. You can get free test coins in bitcoin faucets like Mojocoin Faucet and TP’s TestNet Faucet.  After that, paste your deposit address and enter your desired amounts of bitcoins to deposit. Lastly, is to go back to the account page until your deposit appears, and then, you are ready to go!

Your bitcoins will be converted to chips since it is much easy to use and understand. 1 BTC is equivalent to 100, 000, 000 chips. Good thing about Playbit Poker is you can create your own table where you can choose your blind, buy in, as well as number of players.

This bitcoin poker site provides an average game platform since it is player-friendly but a bit old-fashioned. However, in terms of giving directions on how to get started and play the games, they provided an excellent one. They even provided a video of the actual game so it will be so easy for you to understand. More than that, videos presenting things all about bitcoins as well as sites where players can buy bitcoins depending on the country they are in are also given. Know more about buying Bitcoins.

Customer Support

Customer support is another good thing this site has. If you have concerns, questions, or anything that needs a reply, you can always contact them via email. You can also message them directly to let them know about your suggested features and even bugs.


Playbit Poker is an average bitcoin poker site. It offers easy way to start, low house rake which is only 1%, HTML5 technology, as well as good customer support service. But then, there are still things that needs to be taken into consideration like graphics and game platform as these things are the main aspects for a poker player’s satisfaction. If this bitcoin gambling guide has helped you, please read more about Bitcoin gambling.

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