RockBet Casino Review

RockBet Casino Review

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RocketBets Overview

It is certainly possible to play one of the oldest games in the world with bitcoins. RockBet Casino is an online gambling site that offers ‘Roshambo’ or simply rock-paper-scissors played with bitcoins and satoshis. It might be one of the newest Bitcoin gambling sites, but it has gathered interests of bitcoin players to try their luck in this ‘innovative’ hand game. Fun and rewarding, this gaming platform will give an ultimate Bitcoin gaming experience to everyone.


Play and Win Anonymously

At RockBet Casino, there’s no need to make an account to get started. You will instantly be spared of this additional task since once you take a step forward in their domain; your account is already created. You just have to enter the screen name of your choice and everything is already set. All sessions are cookie-based, so your session is only accessible from your machine to protect your data.

Old yet Gold Roshambo Game

It is no secret that playing this hand game, though old, is still thrilling. And in this site, this has been improved to be more convenient and advantageous. The rule of the game is perfectly simple. All you have to do is make a bet by sending your payment to the wallet address provided in your account. Once a network confirmation is received, you just have to wait for others to challenge you or for immediate results, you can always challenge other player’s bet. If you win, you will get your opponent’s bitcoins plus your bet. If ex aequo, you will get your wager back and if you lose, the opponent will have your bitcoins.

No Psedo-Randomness Algorithm Used

When playing at RockBet Casino, you can be assured that the odds are not made by a pseudo randomness algorithm given that fact that you are challenging other players directly. In addition, their platform is packed with numerous technical features. The technology they use is Node.js server with for real-time gambling. Everything is encrypted with SSL, WSS, database, and cookies, so one will intercept your data. They only take 1% on wins, which is a reasonable house-edge for every reputable gaming portal.

Try the Game for Free

You are free to have a first-hand experience to see if what they offer suit your tastes and styles. In their free play mode, you are given some free coins to play the game, get acquainted with the interface, and gain more confidence to play the actual game. You just have to go on the site, change filter (from 0 to 0) and you will see the free bets.


If you want to add some spice in your gaming life, then give RockBet Casino a lucky try. It is cleared of any scam issues and in fact, withdrawals are manually confirmed and it can be received usually after an hour. Aside from the aforesaid features of this remarkable Bitcoin gambling site, they have still more to offer to ensure that every time you stretch your hand with a rock, paper, or scissors, chances of bringing home winnings are increased.

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