Satoshi Lottery Review

Satoshi Lottery Review

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Satoshi Lottery Overview

SatoshiLottery is a bitcoin lottery site that offers three varieties of lotto, the Satoshilotto which is drawn every Wednesday and Saturday, the Megalotto, drawn every Tuesday and Friday, and lastly is the 1 BTC Ultralotto which is drawn every Sunday. All of these are drawn at a specific time which is 9pm Eastern Time. Since it is a bitcoin site, the only payment accepted here is bitcoins and the only language offered is English. You can always know more about buying Bitcoins.

One great feature that SatoshiLottery provides is a live chat. Here, you can give your comments and interact with other players or even ask questions as it will be answered by the Raffle Master. You can also see updates about the draw on their Twitter account.

To get started in SatoshiLottery, the first thing you have to do is to buy the amount of entries you desire on the “Tickets” page. Every entry amounts 0.01 BTC. You have many entries as you want as there is no limit on entries. To see your ticket number, you have to wait for several confirmations first.

Based on their site, on the very time of the drawing their stream will go live. As you will notice, there is a video screen on their site. With that, you are going to see them place all the tickets in the randomizer and in the raffle software before the draw begins.  Hence, when it comes to authenticity, this site must be given a good grade.

SatoshiLottery describes their type of raffle as a “Last man standing” kind; since tickets are drawn until one lucky ticket remains. The owner of the ticket will be the grand winner and will bag the 80% of the prize pool. Not bad right? The 20% will be divided into two parts: 10% rolls over automatically and the other 10% go to the site.

In terms of graphics, SatoshiLottery provides an average one. It offers a cool game platform which in a broader sense is very much authentic as you can watch the process live; hence, you can assure that the draw is fair and valid. However, the combination of black and yellow is not a good choice as it is overpowering to the eye. You may also find the information and details hard to read because of the too bright colors and the font’s size is a bit small. When it comes to information, on the other hand, this site provides a good one. All the details and processes from the biggest down to smallest things are explained.

SatoshiLottery is a great Bitcoin lottery site, not only because of its fast transactions and cool features but also the fact that they offer live streaming in then drawing of the ticket so you can really guarantee that you bitcoins are in safe and trustworthy place. Bitcoin are great to use; to know more about its legalities.

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