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Satoshi Mines Overview

Land safely and beware of the landmines – this is the main goal you must achieve to earn bitcoins in Satoshi Mines. Furthermore, they also offer features that are just newly updated like their bankroll, with just a single deposit and you can play forever. QR codes are now also available so the deposit transaction is easier from phone wallets. And the highlight of their offer is the better odds as you can win 13% by landing safely on your first tile and you can win up to 1800% in addition to your bet.

As mentioned above and by the essence of its name, Satoshi Mines offers one but a unique and interesting game that let players mine satoshi. In addition, this bitcoin game is so easy to play as it has very simple rules. The Satoshi Mines method entails that in each game, you will be given a board and in that board are 3 hidden mine tiles. You have to uncover a safe tile so that you will get the “next tile worth” which corresponds to a certain amount of bitcoins. However, if you uncover a mine, the game is over and will lose all of the bitcoins you earned. But the good thing is that you can cash out anytime you want; just take note that you need to reach 3 deposit confirmations before cashing out.

Satoshi’s Mines accepts only one payment method and that is Bitcoin; hence, transactions are easy and fast. To know more about the legalities of bitcoin use, click here. Also, the only offered language in this bitcoin gambling site is English. Starting in this site is as simple as playing their mine game. First thing you have to do is deposit bitcoins to their wallet address provided. After that is click the refresh button. Next is to choose a bet. You must take note that the minimum bet is 0.0005 BTC and the maximum bet is 0.2 BTC. Then, you are good to go! Land to the tile safely and avoid landmines. If it’s your first time with bitcoin betting, you can know more about it by reading about Bitcoin gambling.

Good thing about Satoshi’s Mines is that you can play the game for free; thus, you are given the chance to see how it works and eventually master it before risking your precious bitcoins. More than that, the thrill of the game plus the amount of possible earnings you can have will sure make it hard for you to turn away.

In terms of graphics, this Bitcoin gambling site offers a good one. The combination of black and green actually added more character in the site. Also, the game platform is simple and candid so it’s easy to understand. You must aim for the green checks each tile because if you uncover a red tile, your game is over!

Indeed, Satoshi Mines is an incredible bitcoin gambling site. Yes, it offers only one game but the astonishing side lies in that game as it creates thrill and fun by uncovering the tiles while earning by landing safely. Do you want to experience this exciting bitcoin game? Read more about Satoshi Mines here!

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