Namecoin (NMC) is an open source decentralized key/value registration and transfer system that is based on the Bitcoin protocol. Like bitcoins, it permits creation of ‘uncensored internet’, disallowing control of any central authority. The Namecoin network is expected to produce 21 million coins in total, exactly the same as the level of bitcoin’s coin cap.

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Features of Namecoin (NMC)          

  • Its versatile platform can be used to recreate unregulated and decentralized Domain Name System, which can be compared to its own internet.
  • It allows anyone to securely register and transfer arbitrary names/keys without possible censorship.
  • It can also be used for messaging, login system, and voting.
  • It has a clear purpose – offer a good way to keep a decentralized registry of key value pairs, which separates this cryptocurrency from bitcoins.

Namecoin (NMC) gambling

The aforesaid features made NMC one of the most advantageous payment solutions in online gambling along with Bitcoin and Litecoin. Even though Namecoin (NMC) gambling is new, it has already gathered positive reception among cryptocurrency users. A clear proof to this is the fact that NMC is one of the widely accepted alternative coins in the domain of online betting. There are even well-known online betting sites that support Namecoins. The most popular are Bit777 Casino, Winvery Casino, and Peerbet.

Like Bitcoins, Namecoin (NMC) gambling also offers perks especially when it comes to convenience. For you to get started, it is necessary to acquire a namecoin wallet by downloading the wallet client for free. Once your wallet has been set up, you can definitely start acquiring Namecoins in trading markets like Cryptsy and BTC-E.   You can also opt to mine Namecoins, but take note that it requires effort and long process. Faucets can be an option to fill your wallets with a small amount of NMCs for free.

If you have your Namecoins, you can certainly start betting in your preferred gambling site. There’s no need to fill out lengthy registration forms because most of these sites require only username and password for you to get started. After this, you can sure fund your account by sending NMCs to the Namecoin wallet address provided. Though your deposit will be credited after specific number of network confirmations, you have nothing to worry about as the process takes only few minutes. The same goes with the withdrawal process. Once the withdrawal request has been submitted, expect to receive your earnings in no time.

Namecoin gambling is another advantageous route for a rewarding experience in online gambling. Just like Bitcoin gambling, it offers perks of anonymous, fast, and easy way of betting as well as earning in your favorite betting sites, which can be an online casino, sportsbook, lottery sites, or even Poker rooms.

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