Bit777 Casino Review

Bit777 Casino Review

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Bit777 Casino Overview

If you are looking for a Bitcoin gambling site that offers a full list of online casino games, Bit777 Casino is the right place for you. This bitcoin casino is created and maintained by UltraPlay and is using Mersenne Twister randomizing technology. The bitcoin games they are offering are as follows: American, European, No Zero, French, and Card Roulette; Standard Blackjack as well as Surrender, Switch, Pontoon, Exposure, Spanish, and SnapJack; Table games such as Let Em Ride, Craps, Carribean Stud, Pai Gow, 3 Card Poker, and others. They also have Popular Video Poker games, and a set of Slots Machines and Scratch Cards. In terms of language, English is the only one it offers and the only payment method allowed and accepted is bitcoin.

Bit777 Casino also offers two features you will definitely love as it will increase the credits or bitcoins you already have. First is the Mystery Jackpot. It offers you an additional chance to win even though you don’t get a winning combination. This jackpot is given randomly as selected by their Random Number Generator. It happens all around you all the time since each time you spin or bet, you can be the lucky one to generate a Mystery Jackpot Pay-out. If that happens, you can win credits in the following ranges. The silver mystery will give 10-30 credits, gold mystery 50 to 100 credits, and lastly, the platinum mystery which gives 150 – 250 credits.  Sounds good? Sure it was! But then, the next feature this Bitcoin casino has will make is sound better, the Amazing Race.

When you are a newbie and you want to open an account, you just have to select “The Amazing Race” from the dropdown menu. After that, your account will be automatically credited by 10 credits or 0.10 BTC, with that, you can certainly play any of the games they offer. They have two types of prize in this offer, the Platinum and the Gold Prize. In the Platinum Prize, the person that accumulates the largest balance will win 0.4 BTC and the player who will gather the largest amount of total bets will win 0.2 BTC. In this game, no deposit is needed and all the new players have equal chances of winning.

For you to join Bit777 Casino, the first thing you must do is create an account. You just have to click the “register now” button and fill-out the form they have provided. It will require you email, username, password, and competition you want to be in, just like Amazing Race that is mentioned above. After that, click the “confirm and create account” button and you are ready to rock and roll in the world of this bitcoin casino. When it comes to graphics designs among Bitcoin gambling sites, Bit777 Casino offers an astonishing one. Their homepage will clearly attest to that, as it provides a good presentation of what it offers by means of a short video. The black backdrop is indeed helpful in upstaging the details that is important and helpful to the soon to be and their current customers. More than that, the games’ graphics are also excellent as it provided engaging themes and even offered 3D features to some like roulette.

You can say that Bit777 Casino is indeed a perfect site for every casino player around the globe. It does not only offer a full list of casino games but also bonuses that will surely rock your world.  So, are you ready to rock and roll? Read about Bit777 Casino now!

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