Similar to Bitcoins, WorldCoin (WDC) is designed to be the ‘digital currency’ of the future. It boasts of a ‘blazing fast speed’ feature that allows any transaction to be confirmed in about a minute or less. This alternative cryptocurrency is designed to appreciate in value over time because only 265 million coins will be produced. In addition, WDC is based on sound money principles that made smart choice for wealth preservation possible.

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Features of WorldCoin (WDC)

  • It confirms a transaction in just 60 seconds or less, which made payments fast and easy as a blink of an eye.
  • Wallet encryption is offered to secure your wallet. Passwords are required before spending your Worldcoins to provide full protection against wallet stealing trojans and viruses.
  • Worldcoin’s software is released in a transparent process that allows for independent verification.
  • The Worldcoin Blockchain can handle higher transaction volumes than Bitcoin and Litecoin. This is due to more frequent block generation in 30 seconds, which enables the network to support more transactions.

WorldCoin (WDC) Gambling 

Worldcoin’s speed and security made it a great payment solution for online gambling. With a goal to be the best way to pay for everyday transactions, WDC allows money transfer to anyone in just few clicks. Given this, you can definitely put conventional payment methods away and experience the blazing speed of deposit and withdrawal in your favorite betting sites with WorldCoin (WDC) Gambling.

Yes, you read it right. With this ‘speedy’ convenience, WorldCoin (WDC) Gambling has been one of the fast rising domains online. Along with Bitcoin, Litecoin, and some alternative cryptocurrencies, Worldcoin is one of the commonly accepted altcoins in gambling sites. Furthermore, you will also be amazed that there are online betting sites accepting Worldcoin as their primary mode of payment. These are the two most popular betting sites mainly powered with Worldcoin.

  • Rapid Balls for Worldcoin – It is a WDC lottery site that offers a random 5-minute Lotto that draws six random numbers from an available 49 digits.
  • WorldCoin Casino – It is an online casino that provides slots games and video poker games that can be played exclusively with Worldcoins.

It is no secret that WorldCoin Gambling is on the rise; hence, we can definitely expect more sites like these. Gambling with WDC is very much similar to Bitcoin gambling. You need a wallet address and some sums of Worldcoin that can be acquired in trading markets or through the process of mining. After this, choose a good gambling site that supports this cryptocurrency. Make an account and experience the bliss of one-minute transactions that will sure let you get an exciting and lucrative betting experience.

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