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Apophenia is a Bitcoin betting site that offers a mystery game that requires skills in solving puzzles in order to win Bitcoin payouts.

In-Depth Review

If you are fond of solving mysteries and mind-boggling problems, Apophenia is the place for you. It offers a unique game designed for Bitcoin. You have to be keen and smart enough as the main goal is to solve the blurry pictures given through the aid of hints provided.

The brand launched its beta site in April 2013, and it still continues to offer Bitcoin bettors a unique gaming experience up to this day.


Bitcoin Games

Apophenia provides a Bitcoin game parallel to the very gist of the site’s name itself. You have to guess what is shown in the feature that is characterized by a blurred and textured image, together with hints that will give you a hand in finding out and naming the picture. Take note that pictures improve as ‘time passes and the bet stay fixed.’ There will be multiple correct answers for every picture and it is checked after one confirmation.

This site keeps 40% of each bet while the rest will be added to the pot. If the pictures expire unanswered, the full amount in the pot will be transferred to another picture as part of its pot money.

Software Features And Graphics

The game is as simple as it can get, but the site perfectly executed the message it wants to send through the website’s interface. Its monochrome page gives bettors a mysterious vibe that complements the gameplay.

 Transparency is also provided on this Bitcoin gambling site. They have an archive where you can view the older pictures, as well as a page where you can see the 100 most recent transactions.


You just have to enter your answer and the wallet address you wish to send your winnings into. They will not require users to create an account or any of the like. The system shows straightforward steps any bettor can follow without the hassle.

Withdrawals And Deposit

Withdrawal and deposits are simplified. Upon providing your guess to the provided picture, you will have to supply a Bitcoin address with it as well. The site will automatically take the exact amount needed to place the bet and return the winnings to the same address in case a user gets the correct answer to the mystery. There will be transaction fees but they very minimal.


For any concerns or technical difficulties, you can contact the team using the following information provided: Twitter, e-mail, or through their Bitcointalk thread. Unfortuntely, there is no live support on this site.

Contact Details

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Pros and Cons

Explore this Bitcoin gambling site’s best features that make it stand out on the market, and take note of the aspects that can still be improved to see how much this site matches your preferences.


  • Unique game
  • No registration required
  • User-friendly interface
  • Fast payout


  • No bonuses
  • Not mobile compatible
  • No language options
  • No live chat


While we want smooth gambling sessions, experiencing a few bumps along the way is inevitable. You can find below the current and past complaints filed by the players, and even submit your own concerns.

Players Review

Here’s what the players say about this Bitcoin gambling site. Do you agree with their reviews? You, too, can share your experience playing on this site! Write your own review and give it a rating now.

  1. cool, but could do better

    I think I have just found the “comfort food” of bitcoin games!! This is one of those sites that I visit every now and then I need a break from the uneasiness and thrill of bitcoin gambling, nonetheless I still get all hyped up whenever I play here. I love guessing games, and anything related to that is my favorite!

    They aren’t that popular, but it’s nice that they have a loyal following… Although they don’t have a mobile site nor do they have bonuses, it’d be better and it will definitely bring new players in! Sad thing is that the site isn’t that interactive, but you don’t really need it because you just have to guess what’s in the picture and get your bitcoins if you guess it correctly LOL

  2. so nostalgic!!

    can i just say that i love this?? i love the uniqueness of the concept, the mystery of the whole game… i just can’t stop playing! guessing games are one of my childhood favorites, so playing here totally brings me back to when i was seven years old, guessing what’s the pixelated item on the flash card… ah good times, good times… <3
    …okay, back to the game HAHA since they offer only one game, they might as well do a swell job on the visual department like the mobile interface because it looks like a website anyone with html knowledge can create. they could also be more competitive by offering bonuses and promotions and adding more features; i can help if they need manpower HAHAHA i really love the concept of this site, so i hope they can improve on getting more known in the bitcoin gaming world!!

  3. Interesting and unique!

    Not a roulette, but it’s just as interesting and addicting! 🙂 I love the unique concept of “guessing game” meets “bitcoin betting”… it’s probably the first time I’ve seen a website with this kind of game. All you have to do is to place your bet and guess what the picture is, and that’s it! The website is as simple as straightforward, not requiring registration but a bitcoin wallet address instead; transaction fees are also lower as compared to other sites. I like neatly designed websites, however I do think this can improve since their current interface looks… cheap and a website anyone can create. Although I like the overall idea of this, I think they can upgrade on a couple things (eg promotions, web interface, chat support) so players won’t get easily bored with them.


    by: MisterJo3

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