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Betcoin Dice
Betcoin Dice

Betcoin Dice

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Betcoin Dice

In-Depth Review

Betcoin Dice‘Instantly become a millionaire!’ –  This is the great assurance of Betcoin Dice to the players who would try to roll their dice and fortunately, win nice. With its claim to be the site that has the ‘highest instant bitcoin payouts in the world’ as well as ‘win thousands of BTC in one roll’, great Bitcoin gambling experience and good chance of enormous winnings are promised for you to have and enjoy.

Betcoin Dice is in some ways similar to SatoshiDice, which is considered to be the most popular bitcoin game in the ‘universe.’ Since the steps on playing the only game this brand offers which is also Bitcoin Dice, is very much similar to the latter. Furthermore, the only payment method accepted in this site is Bitcoin and English is the only language supported.

There are three simple steps for you to follow to perfectly get started with Betcoin Dice.

Step one is to send amounts of bitcoins to the Bitcoin wallet address provided or scan the QR code shown. Take note that the amount should be between the minimum and maximum bet. More than that, on a win or loss, a transaction of 0.0005 BTC is subtracted from your payment. In addition, this brand offers an instant deposit wherein a confirmation is not needed to play and enjoy their dice game.

For the second step, ‘The Spirit of Betcoin’ will roll the dice and get a lucky digit.

And for the third step, you will win if the number picked is less than the number you have placed your bet. Your payout will be instantly sent to your wallet; hence, it important to make sure that your wallet is compatible with the site.

The numbers you can bet on are listed on a table. It is easier for you to choose one since the Win Odds, Prize Multiplier, House Percent, Expected Return, plus the minimum and maximum bets are provided. Furthermore, the wallet address and the QR code are given side by side for an easier way of placing your bet.

In terms of graphics, Betcoin Dice has an average one. The backdrop used which is deep red with some ‘vintage’ design made the site appears elegant which compliments their main assurance of being a millionaire after winning in their dice game. Also, this brand provided useful information and details making it easier for the players to comprehend how to play their dice games, rules and things to ‘take note’ of, as well as the expectations they should have based on what this site is offering. Betcoin Dice also offers a news subscription for you to keep updated with their site.

Overall, Betcoin Dice is a good place for playing Bitcoin Dice. Aside from the convenience it brings, it also offers really cool features you will surely adore. With the trace of similarity to SatoshiDice, this bitcoin betting site is a must-try.

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