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BetonEurovisionThe number one question any player must answer in order to bag amounts of bitcoins in BetonEurovision is, “what European country has the voice that will create the music to win?” Yes, compared to other Bitcoin gambling site that offers games, be it casino or not, this bitcoin site offers a unique bitcoin betting to the European country who will win in the Eurovision Song Contest.  If you place your bet in the country that will bring home the crown, you will also get amounts of bitcoins so there’s no reason for you to frown.

BetonEurovision claimed to be the “only site that lets you bet on your favorite Eurovision country with bitcoins.” Hence, the only payment method accepted here is bitcoins. Also, the only language offered here is English. This bitcoin site is a tote, meaning the total bets that everyone placed in their favored countries will go to the lucky ones who bet on the winning country minus the 1% commission. So if the total bets are 5 BTC, the winner will receive 4.95 BTC. Not bad, isn’t it?

To start betting on your favorite Eurovision country, all you need to do is press the “Bet Now” button and send amounts of bitcoins to the wallet address they will be providing. However, you must make sure that the address you have used can receive payments as this will be the address where your winnings will be sent, if ever the luck goes in your favor. After that, all you have to do is to wait while the contestants from each Eurovision country battle it out for the top spot and see if your bet will emerge as the winner.

BetonEurovision assured that your bitcoins will be safe in their hands. Since you will be using bitcoins in your transactions, all of these are found in your wallet record that will act as your receipt to prove that your bitcoin was sent. More than that, they also guaranteed that your winnings will be sent in the fastest period they can after the result is available.

This site also offers complete information regarding on how things go in every transaction. Every aspect on the rule of the game is given from dividends and payouts, dead heats or tie, to cancellations, non-starters, and dispute resolution. More than that, this bitcoin site offers a customer support via email so you are free to send your questions and concerns to them.

BetonEurovision is one great bitcoin gaming site. It can also be considered as one of the most unique because of the extraordinary Bitcoin gambling aspect it offers. Moreover, this site also provides no account required feature as well as easy way to get started. Sure you want to try its wonders now and you will surely sing in delight. Read more about BetonEurovision here.

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