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Bitcoin Gem
Bitcoin Gem

Bitcoin Gem

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Bitcoin Gem

In-Depth Review

Bitcoin Gem“Be the first to own the brilliant gem!” –  This is the goal any player must achieve in Bitcoin Gem. This Bitcoin gambling site has been in the industry since January 2013 and claimed to encounter no problem since the date they have started. Chain game is actually the only bitcoin game offered here. Yes, the ownership of the gem is passed from an owner to another. You may think that it could be a humdrum; however, there is the secret of fun and thrill behind that magnificent gem.

The chain game in Bitcoin Gem is plain and simple. Your number one objective here is to be the next owner of the brilliant gem. Its current price is 0.1 BTC and after you have bought it, the price will increase by 0.03 BTC. You will be the owner of the gem until another player will buy it for 0.13 BTC. 0.125 BTC will be sent back to you; hence, you have a 0.025 BTC profit. But the, you must take note that the gem resets randomly as well as it also resets if there is no buyer within 24 hours. If this happens, you will lose and the price of the gem will go back to 0.1 BTC. Furthermore, since it is a bitcoin site, the only payment method accepted here is bitcoins and the only language offered is English. Know more information on how to buy bitcoins.

To get started with Bitcoin Gem, the first thing you must do is to fill-out the form provided with your bitcoin address, name and your website; good thing is that, among the three, the address is the only one required. After that, the next thing for you to do is submit the form. Then, you have to reserve the gem, if you have successfully reserved it, a bitcoin address will be generated for you to send your payments. Once the payment is confirmed, the price will automatically increase by 30% and you are the new owner of the gem until someone buys it for a higher price.

Bitcoin Gem also provides complete transparency in their site. A payout table is provided where you can see the previous owners, date played, the gem cycle, the price the gem was bought, the amount offered, as well as the result. Good thing about this table is that it is really comprehensible plus the fact that it keeps the record of the first to the latest game. The number of owners as well as total amount of bitcoins paid-out is also provided.

In terms of information, all are given in this site. They provided complete details in terms of rules, how to get started, conditions, as well as advantages you can get when you buy the gem. They also provide a customer support via Email and Twitter.

As simple as owning the brilliant gem, you will definitely win in Bitcoin Gem, all you need to have is luck and right timing to earn bitcoins as precious as this jewel. Know more about Bitcoin Gem.

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