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BitcoinSpin‘The world’s best bitcoin betting site’ – this is how Bitcoinspin is labeled. With this tagline, you will surely be enticed to try it to have that ‘best’ they are offering.  Hence, prepare yourself and be keen as the features and highlights they are providing will be viewed closely to know if they are really the best in the domain of Bitcoin gambling.

Bitcoinspin offers an excellent graphics and game platform. Upon setting foot at their domain, you will be welcomed by the festive wheel inviting you to give it a spin. More than that, the game platform will certainly give you a good experience in spinning the wheel as it is of good size plus the fact that it provides sound effect of the wheel every time it turns. Hence, it appeared authentic and fun to play. Furthermore, Bitcoin is the only payment method accepted in this site and English the sole language offered. Buying bitcoins is common, but you can also get them for free.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ is the only game Bitcoinspin provides. It is different from Roulette since it has no numbers or table for you to bet on. In this game, you are free to choose a bet from 0.01 BTC to 5 BTC. After that, you are to choose your own chance of winning in percentage and from that, the amount of winnings is the next thing you must decide on with the maximum of 5 BTC. The percentage you have chosen will create a color yellow green portion on the wheel. This portion must stop exactly to the arrow for you to win.

Good thing about Bitcoinspin is it offers a ‘Demo mode’ wherein you are given a balance of 100 BTC to use in playing the game for free. More than that, transparency is also given in this brand as they have provided a payout table where you can see your previous games. It includes the date and time, the amount of bet, chance chosen, winnings, as well as proof. In the proof, you can view the hash in the results; hence, you can verify if it’s fair and valid.

To start winning bitcoins, you just have to turn the ‘Demo mode’ off. After that, you need to add funds in your account. A personal deposit address is generated for you to send your bitcoins on or just simply scan the QR code given to make a deposit. After receiving a confirmation, you can now start playing and spinning this wheel of fortune. Moreover, compared to other Bitcoin gambling site, its house margin is relatively low in just 1.9%.

Bitcoinspin is indeed a great bitcoin betting site. With its features that bring convenience as well as allow you to be the master of your fortune, you will definitely have a good experience in this site. Furthermore, added variations of their ‘Wheel of Fortune’, additional details, as well as, customer support are the things needed for it to be considered and full-fledged the best.

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