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BTC Farseer

In-Depth Review

BTC Farseer“The lottery game for true bitcoin users” – this is how BTC Farseer described the only but extraordinary game they are offering, Lottery on Bitcoin Difficulty. At first sight, you may think that this bitcoin gambling site offers a complicated and mind boggling game because of all the figures, numbers, and mathematical stuff embedded in their site. However, if you have read the steps and rules in playing it is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Lottery on Bitcoin Difficulty, as mentioned, is the only bitcoin game you can find in BTC Farseer. The main goal for this game is to predict the difficulty value in Bitcoin Network. A line graph is used for you to see the previous rounds as well as results and most importantly the current round where you can place your bet by choosing a lucky point. Take note that this game is played every round. To form a lottery pool, they gather all the bets in one round. Once the result is released, the money in the pool will be re-distributed to all the players: 50% to the best guess, 15% to the second place, 5% to the third place, and the remaing 30% will go to the Top 10% guesses.

Bitcoins is the only payment method accepted in BTC Farseer. More than that, English is the only language available in this site. Fairness is also emphasized here as difficulty values in Bitcoin Network are transparent and universal; hence, all of their transaction is available to everyone.

Getting started in this Bitcoin gambling site is easy and fast. First thing you have to do is click a bet in the available round in their Bet Chart. After that, input your guess in the difficulty dialogue. While doing the latter, the system will encode your bet with your guess. The amount of bet and the special code of your own guess difficulty are the two parts of your encoded bet. The price of one lottery ticket is 0.02 BTC. Then, you can now send the encoded bet to the bitcoin address they have provided. Lastly, is to sit back and relax while waiting for your jackpot!

BTC Farseer’s graphics is a good one. The use of dark colors like black and green created an enigmatic yet relaxed ambiance for the players. As mentioned, the symbols and numbers may at first appear confusing; however, it is actually helpful for you to have a better grasp of the rules for the games. The game platform is also excellent. The use of line graph instead of just numbers is a brilliant idea as it made the game easier to understand and play. More than that, it added to the site’s transparency as the previous rounds and payouts are also shown.

BTC Farseer is the cool Bitcoin online gambling site in all its glory. It offers the most extraordinary game you can only find in the domain of bitcoin gambling. Most definitely, you want to try and join their lottery on bitcoin difficulty. Read more about BTC Farseer here.

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